Revenge of the Albatross

Poetic justice to an extent, I suppose.

Better team on the day won, hands down. The Bombers' offence in the second half resembled that mess we saw in the first few games of the season. . . Bishop couldn't make that offence work any more than Lefors could. . . why they went back to it is a mystery to me.

And. . . to pre-empt my buddy paulpearson. . . yes the playcalling was poor; yes the receivers dropped some catchable balls . . . but at least be man enough not to put all the blame there and admit, for once, that your hero played a bad game (as he has in every playoff game he's started).

Albatross mania is gonna go wild on U


Greg Marshall too, man did he ever win the battle of half time adjustments :smiley:

Did he ever. . . but the Bombers made it easy for him, by going back to that "offence" that Kelly had installed at the beginning of the year, and we all know how well it works. . .

. . . and on further review. . .

Probably the low point of the season occurred in those two games back to back against Toronto; the Winnipeg offence was just dreadfully boring and totally ineffective. So, finally, Kelly stepped back (or was pushed back, we'll never know), and Manny took over more of the offensive responsibilities, and the Winnipeg offence finally started to resemble an effective CFL offence, even getting a few wins in a row, and also blew out Montreal (yes, Calvillo didn't play, but most of their D did play) once.

So why, in the biggest game of the year, does the team go BACK to that dreadfully boring and ineffective offence with which they started the season??? What was the reasoning behind that??

yeah, bomber offense needs some revamping... kelly wrecked it...

defense is good at creating turnovers but it isnt quite so dominant winnipeg fans(myself included) tried to make it out to be...

good group of players on something but something is missing.... they arnt able to stop offenses in there tracks

we need a QB, a reciever or two... and maybe a runningback... freddy just isnt doin it for me... like hfxtc said... he dynamite against weak run defences, but cant get anywhere on stronger D's

offence needs some work...

but congrats to the ticats on the massive turn around... you guys sure deserve it!!!

better team won tonight, now go get them eskis.... youll have one temp fan here for the play off run

I wouldn't sell your defence short james. . . it's tough for any defence when they're on the field all game, because your offence goes 2 and out pretty much the entire second half. . .

Yeah and had the refs not blown the ALS vs Lions game your Bombers would be in the playoff.

Well. MadJack you are fairer to Bishop than most, I credit you for that! Yes Bishop did not have a good game! Bishop needs to get in a rhythm, but being second and long most of the day never really found it. He would have found it had they stuck with the game plan that got us here the last 6 weeks. And I am glad you said they went back to the game plan from early in the season, because they did! In fact they telegraphed it in the newspaper, I posted the link in another thread this morning, and basically predicted todays outcome. OC Danny M said they where going away from the pass to the run, said Reid was the key. That`s not the same game plan they won the last 4 of 6 with.