revamp CIS regular season and playoff format

Make the regular season 10 games rather than 8.

Eliminate the individual league playoffs. Make the national playoffs limited to the top 8 ranked teams (3 rounds) -- games are hosted at CFL stadiums.

After the top eight are determined (Zermelo system), put the 4 most western teams in their own western bracket. Do the same with the four most eastern teams for the eastern bracket. :rockin:

Play the CIS championship game in the Orlando Citrus Bowl. There's plenty of room to excavate a longer/wider field and plenty of room to uproot the goal posts into a new position. What better way to reward the youngsters. Add this game to ESPN's list of bowl game offerings. Include this game in the ESPN Bowl Pick'Em contest.

If Simon Fraser can play American 11-man NCAA ball on Canadian soil, why not Canadian College football on US soil? I'll support it!

Well for me I follow the UBC Thunderbirds. But yea, I hear what you are sayin.

I like both the 12 man and 11 man game equally well!

It would be cool as heck to see the CIS schools wearing mesh jerseys for a warm weather game in December (or January if we really want to give the two schools a month off like the NCAA) down in Florida. I'm all for it! :thup: :rockin:

While I agree that it would be good for the league to mix it up, I do not agree with your implementation. Having Just the Top 8 teams really wouldn't work in my opinion. The reason, no interleague play. There might be some in the East but CanWest does not play anybody else. It is just unfair to teams to go on Rankings. It must be solely on a teams performance and the only way to do that is win loss records. And if there is no inter-league play then the way they have it set up now works.

Go Huskies.
Going to take out Western tomorrow in a pre season matchup. should be fun.

My USA College football team is; Texas Longhorns.

It's too expensive. Many people that actually go to the Vanier Cup wouldn't be able to attend. You'd have to find a crowd that would show up to watch it in Florida where the Tuskers draw 12000.

The game would be a Bowl Game double-header -- the CIS championship game played at 3PM with the NCAA game beginning at 7PM. The CBS crew/ESPN folks would make a big whoop-de-do about the underground rail system invented to slowly pull the goalposts back into place for the NCAA game.

Whoever was matched-up in the NCAA game later in the evening would be the primary fans in attendance for this early game. The game would also be heavily structured as a ticket give away for the Florida locals. Also, what Canadian fans/Canadian students would not take some time off after their final semester exams to bask in the sunshine in the winter months?

The idea would be to appeal to a TV audience (advertising revenue/sponsors) and not so much for taking extraordinary measures to get admission paying fans in the stands. Only the lower bowl of the stadium would be open for the early game.

Take a look at the end of regular season rankings:

Teams that do not play outside of their own league are treated equally in the rankings just like things are setup right now.

Obviously for this year there would have to be a tiebreaker of sorts outside of the Zermelo procedure for the two teams tied at #8.

Why would the Citrus Bowl want two Canadian Universities to play as part of a double header and who would sit through it? What's in it for them? Who will do the play-by-play? Who will pay for the teams to go there? The schools won't.

What purpose would this all serve?

It's something different to spice things up -- intrigue over converting a field from Canadian to American (or vice-versa)/plus a game with players in forward motion before the snap. It would be presented as if it were outdoor arena football in Florida commercials. If both teams have to fly to get to a neutral site Vanier Cup anyway, there's no reason not to book the flight to Orlando instead of ... say Quebec. The airlines, travel agents in Canada would love the business, too. It gives Canadians an excuse to finally go to Disney World a day before (or after) the shorts and t-shirts.

The Americans want nothing to do with CIS football ! CIS could not afford the game, nobody would go, people don't go to cis games in Canada, why would they go to Florida ? The Americans would show case a u.s. high school match up before a CIS game ? U.S high school football has higher average attendance than CIS ! The U.S high school's are feeding the u.s. college's and would provide more interest from fans and network's .

My opinion: The CIS championship game actually MUST be played on Canadian soil.

The game has no other place to go ! They need to move it West a few more times ! Once every three years would be ok !

I believe Laval University will host the 2010 CIS championship game in Quebec City.

They don't know about it. I didn't know about it until I saw a link by accident on TSN's website to see the Vanier Cup (and the two semifinal games) in its entirety.

I really liked it.

It would be great for tourism (mutual for both Canadian airports/travel agencies and the US) and it would be something intriguing to do it at least one year...if not more.

I watch 'em all. CFL, CIS, NCAA, NFL, UFL, and high school.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for promoting CIS football in the US, but I feel like our national championship should be played within our borders. Maybe an all-star game some time in late February when most of our universities have their reading weeks? I have a hard time convincing myself it would be successful, but I guess we'll never know unless we try.

yea I dunno why the need for this change?

the CIS has always been pretty successful in their own way and they get support from their school and communities.

the only thing I’m happy they changed was having the Vanier Cup in different cities.

they need to have it in the same location as the Grey Cup and have it on the same weekend. they need to incorporate it with the whole thing.

it would be fantastic.

give the fans who buy Grey Cup tickets the ability to watch the Vanier Cup the day before.

cflisthebest; There is so much going on during Grey Cup week so thus, I'm not too sure if they can fit in the Vanier Cup Championship game. Perhaps likely the reason why it's played the week before? I suppose not in all cases however, as it's lately been played elsewhere.

In 07 it was played the day before the Grey Cup Game at Skydome. It was pretty cool actually. I would like it if they did it again.

That's true Billy, it is has been played the day before. Would be great to see that happen again, perhaps in 2012 when the Grey Cup Extravaganza will be played in Toronto?