Returning my tickets - i'm serious

[quote="Box_J_4_ever"][quote="oski-oui-oui"][quote="PJAY"]If you are serious, send them to Carol Rose and the Cats Claws, with photocopies of them to the Ticat office.... this way younsters will get to see the Cats, even if they are bad games....Hate waste and they donSmoke9: Your quote about Argo fans gave me a GREAT LAUGH to start my day. Thanks!!

this is the worst team i have ever seen i dont think i will buy them next year my son is 10 a big fan and he wanted to leave at the half saying "ticats suck" argos are going to destroy the cats LOOK OUT cats big trouble

i've thought of doing the same. taking my two season's tickets for all the games remaining, and going to the tiger-cat business office, going to the counter, and saying: "here, take these back. i simply cannot stand to watch another game. do with these what you will."
Please don't do this. Returning your tickets to the Ticats allows them to resell them. They don't deserve this opportunity. Give them to the needy as laid out in this thread.

The entire point is protest. Giving the tix away or selling them defeats the purpose.

OK prove me wrong, make an offer for box seats. The STH price is $45 I believe

You basically have to give these away, because there are no buyers. Here is a ticket for anyone to go to. This is the 3rd time I have listed it with no takers PS(i am not giving up on the cats, I have a wedding that night)

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Sir or mame, please don't do this. A fan takes the good with the bad. I have been a Detroit Red Wing fan all my life. I remember the days when we used to compete with Toronto for the bottom spot. Actually, fond, laughable memories. Thing is, I never gave up on them and they have brought me 3 very exciting Stanley Cups. Never give up, teams will have ups and downs. You have to support through the down times to REALLY appreciate the up times. It'
s comming.

Actually I have had the privalige of sitting in Box J and Box C as previously stated. I have no idea when and/or if they would ever be for sale but if givem to me most certainly I would never sell. I would however refer them to a buyer if they chose to sell since they should get something for them if thats what they choose to do. I myself tend to return favours with favours and have been known to give those people Bulldogs tickets more often than they give me Ticat tickets as the price isn’t the same

i gave 4 sets of tickets for the labour day game to s local charity in brampton. These kids come forom single-parent homes and likely wouldnt have the chance of watching a game. Fortunately, they will get a chance to see a football game, unfortunately they will have to watch the cats. Hoepfully those kids will have a good time regardless.

what a typical reaction on to what was a promising thread. distraught fans, like me, no longer able to stomach sitting in the stadium and watching the ongoing debacle and pondering what to do with their beloved tickets...
i posted earlier that i was going to give up my two seats, for the rest of the season, by going down to the tiger-cat office, and telling them they could do with them whatever they wished.
(and then thread degenerates into two pages of verbal crapola/back biting, but that's pretty much standard behaviour around here.)
anyway, i was at a family picnic in mississauga this afternoon and every single one of my (wife's) relatives there were hard-core argo fans. one, uncle lou, goes way back to the days of balmy beach ... and the argo fans at this party were deeply sympathetic to what us tiger-cat fans have had to endure. they are mystified and they don't think it's fair, either.
so, for the labour day game, i've given my seats to my wife's cousin's husband and their daughter, who is 17. they love the argos and the cfl. i've taken the dad to ivor wynne several years ago (a game the ticats won) and he had a splendid time.
at least the tickets will be used by folks who will be having a good time.
and i won't have to see the next senseless, pointless, nauseating display of tiger-cat football.

I'm glad you've given tickets to someone who can use them and will enjoy the experience, ticatguy.

It bothers me that there are people are using words like disgusting etc. to describe people looking for cheaper seats. As if there is some big "honour" code that you have to give your tickets away if you don't need/want them or always buy them from the box office if you want to go to a game.

If that's your personal honour code, great, but don't expect others to live up to it. It's one of the flimsiest moral positions I have ever heard of because it doesn't benefit anyone, neither a potential buyer or seller. It's only benefit is to a corporation, but hey, welcome to the moral code of the 21st century, I guess.

Supply and demand has been a part of capitalist society and it has worked pretty well. It allows for both the buyer and the seller to come away with something.

I could understand the team not allowing that here, after all it is their website, but let them make that decision, don't all jump on this "honour" bandwagon.

Is it honourable that the TEAM gives many tickets away to every game? Many of you pay good money to be season ticket holders and sit beside people that have been given the tickets.

If you choose to send your tickets back to the team RIP THEM UP SO THEY CAN'T RE SELL THEM!!!!!!!! They would have enough arrogant nerve to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with all bob's hi-tekinological know-how, and a whole week till Labour Day, I bet he'd figure out how to print new ones with the exact same seat numbers on them. :wink:

Fond memories indeed. I used to go to every Wings game at Maple Leaf Gardens back them. (80's)You could count on getting in for 10 bucks and plenty of empty prime red seats to sneak down into. They had a bit of a rivalry going on too, so you could count on some solid battles and brawls. The Wings went on to bigger and better things and the Leafs ..well :lol:

As of today, I think these tickets have some real value. No need for black on Labour Day. No need for tossing away good tickets. We could be in for some real fun!

you can sell your tickets and use the money to buy some new ankles on the black market.
jumping off those damn bandwagons hurt.


A fan of 30 years and a season ticket holder of 20 years is not a bandwagon fan.
I will always be a Ti-Cat supporter. I guess you are right; I am jumping off the bandwagon and, not until I see this organization take the right steps with the sporting side of the business I won’t be back to the stadium. A .500 team will be a start.
My $1000.00 per year (tickets, souvenirs, snacks etc.) will go elsewhere for 2007.

However, I have heeded the advice of many here and will give the rest of 2006 season tickets(x2) to organizations that support the needs of less fortunate children in our communities. To all the fans, have fun and maybe see you back at the stadium soon – hopefully sooner than later.

I'll be renewing, and probably upgrading. So thanks to all the fairweather "Fans" for this opportunity. To stay away or return tickets makes you a bigger loser than the team. Go and make yourself heard. All this babble makes many of you sound like you should live in...well... Toronto.


That's great that you will be renewing your tickets. I won't. I don't live in Hamilton, you're right about that - haven't for 17 years. (not Toronto though) I drive 3 hours on game day to see the Tiger-Cats play at Ivor Wynne. I am the owner of a very successful business and I take pride in providing my customers with value. I bought into the three year traditions club plan because i wanted to be part of this team as it set it's sights on winning. It hasn't happened. Now i, as a customer have decided to spend elsewhere for the remainder of this year and all of next. I don't see how this makes me a looser. Confused...?

Fans like you deserve the team we got. Fairweather fans who only care about their own selfish entertainment and could give a damn about the team.

When the team plays well ... you massive ego is stroked and you're happy to pay. But heaven forbid the team has tough times! Then you get all high and morally mighty and have to make a big grand statement that your little ego has been hurt and you are going to turn your back on the team when they need YOU the most.

And here's a newsflash for you. A fan of 30 years IS a bandwagon jumper when they admit to be jumping off the bandwagon as you just did.

I hope the Cats play better so next year we can attract back the filth of a fan you are. The lowest denominator of fan who will only cheer when their ego is fullfilled and doesn't really give a crap for the team.

It's all about you and it reeks.