Returning my tickets - i'm serious

I have placed the remainder of my season tickets (x2) and will be mailing them back to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and will not be renewing tickets for next year. Last night was the "straw that broke the camels back". Until the organization shows me something different I have decided to not pour my heart and desire into being a fan. After 30 years as a fan and a regular attendee (20 years with season tickets) I am leaving. I'm sorry.

I totally understand your feelings. I too was a believer who gave up years ago when I could not relate to the team.

If you are serious, send them to Carol Rose and the Cats Claws, with photocopies of them to the Ticat office.... this way younsters will get to see the Cats, even if they are bad games....Hate waste and they don't get to remember the scores like we do!!!

Just a thought!!

sucker .... (just kidding)
I didnt renew this year !!!
I saw enough last year.

I knew last year that this isnt a player problem !!!!

Millington said it right on CBC last night .... they have to get rid of all management and coaches.

As far as I'm concerned Bob Young can go too .... he has taken enough of our money !

8) On the other hand that is the best way to turn off and lose our next generation of fans by subjecting the kids to watch this pathetic outfit !!! I wouldn't want to allow any kid to have to watch this crap !!! :wink:

It was a beautiful evening last night at the stadium as usual, except for our pathetic team, I enjoyed myself and stayed until the end.
This team will get rid of the crap that now exists in administration and coaching and the team and will field a winning team eventually. I personally think this could be the best thing for the team to have the adversity we are having this year, Bob will be a much better caretaker in the future because of it and will get to know how to hire football people and administration people that actually know what football is all about, not baseball or any other sport or business - but football.

Mail your ticats to me, im a needy child.

Young people still enjoy the game ,good idea to consider them when giving away tickets.....

The Ti-Cat office might just hang on to them and not pass them on to youth...

Kids have a ball no matter what the fumble is on the field....

And one team always is worth watching,

That Domingez was good last night eh?

I'm giving them one more game, if they don't show some imrpovement on labour day, those needy kids can have my tickets for the rest of the season

i've thought of doing the same. taking my two season's tickets for all the games remaining, and going to the tiger-cat business office, going to the counter, and saying: "here, take these back. i simply cannot stand to watch another game. do with these what you will."
i first thought that in the hours after last night's game, and i still feel the same this mornng.
i can't put any more money, time and passion into this team. it's too hurtful.
i'm sorry too ...

Anyone serious about ditching their tickets should take them to the nearest Big Brothers or Big Sister office. They can always use things like that. Lot of their kid clients would never get to see a game otherwise.

An Argo fan

That's the spirit :cry: but I would assume you mean Hamilton, not Argoland

Of course. I know the Big Brothers/Sisters here in Toronto get quite a few tickets to events around town that are distributed to their clients. I think it's a great idea and one that Hamilton fans should consider.

An Argo fan

Two things of advise for the great Bob young for his future operations of the of a historic team!(1)Dont ever mess with an Idenity of a team that took 125 years to create!That new logo looks like a mix between a dog and a frog!
(2)Take time next time and hire a staff who knows about football!This staff are making you look like a laughing stock of Canada!This is the worst team in Ticat History!What a legacy Bob Young!

Anyone wanting to hand back tickets just PM me an address and I'll pick them asap.
I guarentee they'll be given to kids that will have fun at a game despite the score.

You get rid of your tickets now you'll never get back those seats again.

Well, scoring-wise, they will learn to add single points as well as multiples of two. :wink:

Unfortunately, there will be lots of good seats to choose from at the beginning of next season. :cowboy:

LOL!!!!!!!!! thats the best thing I ever heard!