Returning free agents

We're in the last few days before our unsigned players become FA's. Of the remaining players, who stays and who goes? I'm thinking that Dominguez and Davis will be the ONLY vets resigned. Szarka and Hunt are probably off somewhere else...

Any thoughts?

Dominguez, Davis and Szarka I say. Chris is the key for many free agents that come up next offseason. Like his best friend's Jeremy O'Day and Gene Makowski(no its not just a commercial, they actually are good friends). Not to mention the loyalty issues a team like ours has with a player like Zark. Just ask Kevin Lowe. He might know a thing or two about the question...If you slap a team guy in the face in the forrest, does anybody hear? Everyone hears.


i doubt matt, hunt or eddie will be back but Szarka NEEDS to come back. hes the local face of the team, with o'day and gene and Shultz. Plus he can catch a ball like no other :stuck_out_tongue:.

Reggie is going to Winnipeg.

I really want Matt to stay.

If Davis signs it will be great. Most important free agent. Dont think he will come back. Hiring Miller and not Hall hurts with Davis. May bite our gm in the butt.

Hope we get Szarka and Dominguez. Hunt ok either way.

Hunt is gone Im telling you. He is going to Winnipeg.

source? and ... ree-agents Sounds like a decent chance of Matty back next year.

How is he the local face of the team? Yes he lives hear year round like many other. Yes 11 years with the team is good. He is originally from BC.

I'm not saying you are wrong on this one.
But two things seem to mitigate this rumour.
A). The Bombers have massive issues with the cap and resigning their own key free agents.
What the hell do the Bombers need to sign a linebacker for?
Reggie is maybe marginally better than the guys they have. Why break the bank for him?
Lots of teams need linebackers more than Winnipeg does....

And as with any such rumours, Winnipeg cannot have already had any discussions with Reggie or it is tampering.

He is going. I am telling you guys. I dont wanna read a mini long winded post about why he cant be going lol... He is going to Winnipeg.

Wow. You were bang on about Winnipeg. Congratulations.

I had the best possible source. Thats all Im gonna say.

Well if that source is in Wpg., ask him/her the name of the centre that Glenn is going to line up under on opening day.

Oh shush…it’s done and over with…