Returning back to white and red instead of black uniforms?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what your thoughts are of returning your colours to the classic red and white? There's something more striking about the Stamps uniform when it's a crisp, clean white with a bold red. The black and red looks a pretty muddy on-screen.

Thoughts on this? I'm curious as to what Stamps fans actually feel the changing the colours back to the classic look?

Many Stamps fans have said they don't like the red and black unis when they first came out but I think that was on the Stamps forum (cflhorsemne).

Way too much black. If you want to know how to completely cock up something as lovely and inspiring as a galloping horse in bright red and white, look no further than the rubbish that Reebok has given the Stampeders.

Forget the uniforms, how about the black helmets? Bring back the red ones. Tradition. Not to mention they look great