Returner needed...apply immediately

....We have NO punt returner...the guys gave a good effort...but they ain't no Ramonce Taylor...I know the kid had to go...but now we see he's hurt the club, as well as himself, with his foolish actions....So who is out there...McGahee?????(fumbleitis)...Stokes????lol.....or will the data base come-up with another Taylor....Methinks we have to dial one up NOW... :rockin:

Obviously it would have been nice to have an experience returner back there but I thought most of the problems was that there was zero blocking on some of the returns. Sometimes it just looked as though they attempted to block the punt and then retreated to the sidelines.

But I agree, they have to bring someone in.

...the field sure didn't help....but when you got a guy like Tristan Jackson...makes all the difference in the world...It's a specialty we have to fill pronto... :wink:

agree 100% cfl is all about the field position and it helps huge when you got a Tristan Jackson.

Absolutely agree we need a bonafide returner. Reid did ok on kickoffs, but those punt returns...eeeeewwww.

we just had a good one in taylor, but mike kelly said we have "enough players" that can do it he was proved wrong yesterday, but reid did okay

Give Blink a call; he's available. He's healed, still wants to play, and still young enough. Two years younger than Jamal Robertson.

All I can say is that we need to get RAMONCE TAYLOR back. nowbody can match his returns.

We will probably be getting a PR/KR and WR pretty soon....

Go Blue Bombers :slight_smile:

well this whole returner issue is maybe now more complex but far from solved. the new recievers thorpe and sam will definately get practice reps at the returner spot, even tho with both of them (especially thorpe) they are just as if not more interested if we can use these guys in the reciever rotation to provide us with extra depth. and romby has looked a little shaky the first two games.

also interesting to note that thru college and limited nfl experience both bryant and edwards have kick returning on their resumes... i know both are valuable as recievers but with how bad our return game has been im suprised they havent been given a look just yet.

i dont think thorpe or sam were they guy that bombers14 mentioned, i think both these guys were brought in to challenge bryant and bowman, and to add depth... if one turns out to be a decent returner it'd definately be a bonus

IMO i dont think it will be too long before we see craphonso thorpe in the bombers starting lineup