Return to the old

Watching the pre-game show, and there's a piece about Commonwealth on right now talking about the five straight Grey Cups, and how the Eskimos ruled the stadium, and I'm thinking... When the hell is that gonna come back? :lol:

Soon very soon :wink: since there is only 8 teams we cant suck forever!!!!!

the way the economy is.. the Eskimos will likely never be able to sell 60,000+ tickets on a regular basis again.

the CFL's popularity would have to return to what it was in the late 60's early mid 70's before the likely hood of it happening will be true.

Oh, I wasn't talking so much about filling the stadium. I just meant winning again and taking care of home field. Three times in the last five years we've been 5-4 at home. That's crap. :thdn:

well, it's been since 2005 right? so about another 6 years oughtta do it! :wink:

Come on, cfl, I know you don't mean that. I know you want the Eskimos to succeed. :smiley:

i dunno, they need to have their share of suffering!