Return to Ottawa is getting closer...

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Maybe, don't count your chickens until they hatch as they say.

... with the frustrating negotiations that took place with the new Winnipeg Stadium venture...the IFS and the MAYBE' sure is frustrating and a long up-hill grind....I hope they stick to their guns in the Cap...and the return of Ottawa and the new (refurbished) stadium becomes a reality...I think there might finally be a little light at the end of the tunnel :thup: :thup: :rockin:

The Lansdown Live group is now in front of City council (April 20. 11:00 am)

Listen live to city council

:thup: The wind is blowing in so many different directions that all of our heads are spinning.

Well at least the mayor is going to put it in front of the concilors and have them support it or kill it. Ottawa CFL fans still need to show support for the Hunt group and be as visible as they can.

If they get the go ahead lets hope the Hunt group takes in to account the possibility of a future soccer tennant. I would not put natural turf as the cost of maintaining it dosen't make sense but I would pick a surface that is at least compatible.

Once the city commits to Lansdowne live they can start finding spcecific solutions. If people don't want an aquarium and want something else they can discuss those type of fundamentals and the Hunt group can spend money on the prelim engineering with a specific plan to work with.

So, maybe we’ve crossed 1 hurdle, but here is an interesting artice from today’s Ottawa Sun saying Ottawa has no money earmarked for building a stadium in Ottawa:

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What I want to see is the Fed’s address this problem once and for all. Right now there is this tremendous upswell of cities wanting/needing to build stadiums for various purposes. But the reality in this country is that they can’t be built without funding from all levels of governments, including the Feds. But the Fed’s are so concerned about the perception of building outdoor stadiums that they’re saying no (unless you own the Leafs or you want to build a stadium for your professional junior hockey team, and then it’s great).

The reality is, government’s benefit from the taxes related directly and indirectly to outdoor stadiums capable of hosting large events and they should fund these things under the right set of circumstances as a result. I am blown away that all the Fed’s would kick into Asper’s project is 15 million, and then only after months of negotiation. My god, they probably spend more on pencils every year!

What I’d like to see is the Fed’s create a funding program that outlines a criteria that must be met by any city or organization looking to build an outdoor stadium, so that the process is fair and equitable and transparent. Right now what we have is a free for all…BC negotiates separately for their deal, then you see yesterday Saputo saying well you did it for BC, why not for us? Ottawa is doing all this hand-wringing over its stadium right now, but wherever they decide to put their stadium (if they go ahead at all) they’re still going to have to get money from the Fed’s to build it. So what then, do the Fed’s say well we wouldn’t do it in Winnipeg, so we can’t do it in Ottawa? Without a program in place we’re in danger of having no stadium built, or even worse, the Fed’s doing something like saying ‘Eugene, you’re a nice guy, we’ll build your stadium’ and end up with a mess like BMO.

Better to have a process than nothing at all.

For me, I just want to see more CFL teams in the league, but until we figure out how to get the stadiums built it aint gonna happen. I also want to see the stadiums of existing teams upgraded when their lifespan is up, which also helps to keep the league thriving and solvent.

We need facilities in many cities and it looks like football, soccer and Universities should be the focus.

Hamilton, Regina and Ottawa are crumbling, Halifax, Saskatoon and QC have nothing. How can TO and Montreal have so many facilities and so many in this country have Nothing or 60 year old dangerous structures? I agree there needs to be something done at the federal level to make things equitable.

listening to this council meeting for the last few hours....

many speakers seem clueless.

Many are!

That's actually been a big part of the battle. A LOT of false information was being spread and many people have a simplistic view on things. I keep asking those who come up with the token "just build it elsewhere" solution to provide a basic plan as to how the city will pay for it. That includes two councillors who have yet to respond.

I forget if I mentioned it earlier, but when they were doing this in Portland in order to get their stadium for MLS, one lady stood before that council and said that the construction in her neighborhood would keep her dog awake during the day, and when he doesn't get his sleep, he gets aggressive. Obviously a great reason to scuttle a $100M project.

"why do we need to make this decision now? why not postpone?" seems to be the common question today.

how much time do they want? they've done nothing with Lansdown for years. its a hole-in-a-pocket currently costing Ottawa $3-5M annually.

i've heard farmers-market people say they want in at Lansdown.
i've heard trade show people say they want in at Lansdown.
the ottawa 67's would be at Lansdown.
the ottawa renegades would be at Lansdown.
possible Soccer team at Lansdown.
Hotels and malls at Lansdown.
Concerts at Lansdown.

Lansdown would be a Hub of activity for the entire city....not to mention the taxes Ottawa would generate from these events and things. and the economic boom from Grey cups and soccer championships and big-name concerts.

the ONLY people who want a stadium at Kanata, are Soccer lovers who dont want to recognize they can have their soccer at Lansdown.

if Lansdown Live doesnt pass, i will lose all faith in elected officials to do the right thing.

The problem is that Ottawa is the national capital. There is never a problem to get money to pay for things in Ottawa, everything is clean and well manucured, so the people don't see things the way most "industrialised" cities do.

Hopefuly the "clueless" will be seen for what they are. If Ottawa passes, maybe we can find some land in downtown Halifax for him and his boys to build it :wink:

and where are the provincial politicians in all of this ? ? Where is Harper ? Bet you he'd be all over this if it was out West where football has more political weight.

Beyond the paltry $15M for amateur sports in Winnipeg, where are Harper's feds in Regina, or Calgary? Are they falling all over themselves to contribute to the new lid in Vancouver?

That one's been baffling to me. Hunt first stepped up around August '07. Clive Doucet then said "We've let it go this long, what's one more year?" In April '09, he's asking "what's the big rush?". If you go to the Design Lansdowne Facebook page, a number of people are asking that very question.

Here's a hint; waiting costs almost $4M a year. And won't improve.

ESPN Classic Canada showed the 2004 Grey Cup which was played in Ottawa on last night.

It sure was great seeing a big, energized crowd watching a great Grey Cup game in Ottawa. For a few minutes I forgot all this other BS relating to the stadium situation in Ottawa.

I hope a few Ottawa city councilors watched it too and were reminded of how great it is to have a football team in town.

Might remind a few Glebe businesses how nice it is to have people in your neighbourhood wanting to spend money too. I'm blown away by the fact that some Glebe businesses are against the Lansdowne Live project. How can you be in business and not want the traffic the redevelopment would bring???

They have this vision that Lansdowne Live will bring in huge stores like Chapters and eat up all their little mom and pop shops.

There was a big discussion monday at council about how to define "big box stores". What square footage qualifies as a box store, etc. So this morning, Greenberg for Lansdowne Live is being quoted as saying something like "there won't be any box stores, that was never part of the plan". Sure enough, if you look at their original drawing, they make reference to a "retail village", which sounds to me more like a number of small stores.

The whole box store thing was started by Clive Doucet, the councillor for the neighborhood and a complete wingnut, in my opinion. He keeps talking down about this whole project so he refers to the commercial part and the aquarium as a "shopping mall" and "fish tank". :roll:

City to enter into negotiations for a sole-source redevelopment of Landsdowne

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I just read that. Wow. It's a wonder a lightbulb can get replaced in Ottawa without a 3-level committee being struck.

And some of the people posting in the "comment" portion are actually dumber than the councillors. Maybe it's true: people do elect the type of government they deserve.

So if the city fixes it's stadium, which is currently falling apart and not useful for anything anyways, a group of local businesmen will pump $120M into the local economy, and provide a tenant for the stadium.

My problem is that it didn't mention a lease agreement. One would assume that the team would lease the stadium, and the developers would lease or buy the land. Without mentioning it, it looks like they are getting a pretty sweet deal and their development investment is the only thing they're on the hook for.

With those lifespan outlooks, it sure does seem to make sense to go new.