return to ottawa in '09?

a friend of mine told me that he saw the commisioner in ottawa yesterday,also said he heard on ottawa radio that commish says there will be football in ottawa in "09, on same radio report bill palmer
is back on the scene to front the group to return the rough riders to ottawa, maybe there is a god!

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Oh, please, no Rough Riders. It made our league look so stupid, like we couldn't come up with more than eight nicknames, so we had to start reusing them.

I like the idea of going back into Ottawa, but don't get too excited yet. 2009 might be a target date, a goal, but if they can't get it going in time it may be put off. I'd wait for an actual announcement before running out and buying a ticket.

Naw, it makes people look stupid because they don't understand how there are two "Rough Riders" teams.

It's like if there were two Rangers teams in the NHL or NFL or MLB after all their leagues merged with the other(WHA, AFL, NL + AL)

Red sox, Black Sox... can't think of something other then Soxs?

Could simply call a team in Ottawa the Black Riders
and Boom, it's the same thing.

Green Riders and Black Riders.
Both can still be "Rough"

A team may be in Ottawa for the 2009 season, hopefully with QBC.


But it's not like the Red Sox and the WHITE's like the Red Sox and the Redsox. And the NHL and MLB each only have one Rangers team now.

League mergers creating a duplication of nicknames is one thing, but allowing an expansion team to take the name of an existing team is wrong. What's next? The Quebec City Alouettes? The Halifax Argonauts? The London Stampeders?

Sorry, Ottawa, the name "Roughriders" is taken. If you don't want "Renegades", choose another.

but when the Sask RoughRiders came in they were in a different a league then the Ottawa Rough Riders

Say Brooklyn got a team in the MLB and wanted to be called the Dodgers, however LA has the Dodgers right now, so they would need to modify their name so it is slightly different.

LA Dodgers
Brooklyn Street Dodgers

That is the scenario it's a city/location getting their team back and wanting to get their old Team name back.

If Atlanta wanted their Team name of Flames back when they re-joined the NHL
Minnesota wanted to be the NorthStars again

Baltimore wanted to be the Colts again(NFL)

Cleveland or LA want to be the Rams
LA want to be the Raiders

Green Riders
Red or Black Riders

that's all the dif there needs be.

no ottawa roughriders!!!!!!!!!...EVER!!!!!!


I think everyone needs to realize that the Renegades never folded. Scroll up the logo's still at the top of the page. If a team ever comes back to Ottawa they'd still be the 'gades

Call 'em the Ottawa Runaways


Then what's with the franchise fee?

i don't think the name "renegades" and its association with the city of ottawa really left a great taste in the mouths of ottawa football fans either. first of all, the previous owners rigged that name the team contest in favour of renegades
over rough riders. i know this cause i was on the inside. at least rough riders had a rich 130 year history. did anyone ever think that maybe by naming them the renegades that it disassociated the ottawa football fans to the point where they weren't interested in going to the games. WHEN this team is returned to ottawa they need 5 things to be successful1-1-a smart,reputable,local face on the franchise(jeff hunt)2 a knowledgeable, credible man to run the football side(dan rambo)3- lots of local flavour(alumni, players)4- committed,well funded ownership with a local interest(bill palmer)5-the name and colours) anyone else want to add to this
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No RR as we do not need a second team with the same name and most definitely not Bill Palmer again.
He failed once and equally as important he has no cash.
Move onto Eugene Melnyk with Jeff Hunt as President or Frankie D'Angelo with Hunt.
While we are at it, if the target date is 09, why not also expand to QC and make it finally what we need, an equal ten team league. This will give them enough time to build new or expand Laval Stadium.

hey argotom, do we not need ottawa to be successful when they come back? i think we NEED the name to be successful is it what you want or what the league needs? bill palmer has not even gotten past the league level in previous attempts, so to say
he has failed is inaccurate and it is not just him
putting up the spinach($$$) he's got a group, he's just going to be the frontman. if we re-establish the name and colours, the tradition will be re-stored
and with that the people will be walking across the bank street bridge for friday night football in far as frank d goes, he's the second
coming of lonie-would you rather have ottawa rough riders in blk, white and red or the ottawa cheetahs
or steelback wearing cheetah spots-maybe ben johnson can be the mascot! never mind frank d

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If the reason the team failed is because of the nickname (the colours were still black and red), then Ottawa's fans are way too fickle.

But that's not the reason the team was suspended. Worse-than-poor management is why the Renegades failed.

Barnes, first off you're comparing completely different situations to the Rough Riders - the NFL franchise that used to be based in Baltimore still exists; the NHL franchises that used to be based in Atlanta and Minnesota still exist; and if every city that the Rams have been in wanted their expansion team to use the same name, half the teams in the NFL would be called the Rams.

There's a major difference between a franchise moving, and a franchise folding. The Atlanta Flames, LA Rams, etc all moved; the Ottawa Rough Riders folded.

Also, Baltimore's new NFL team did not take the name Colts; Minny's new NFL team did not take the name North Stars; Atlanta's new NHL team did not take the name Flames; Charlotte's new NBA team did not take the name Hornets; heck, Houston's new NFL team didn't take the name Oilers, even though no other team uses it.

I think I'm with BigDave on this one. The CFL didn't deserve the ridicule for having two teams named Rough( )riders, since that was because of a merger of two leagues. But it would be pretty bad for an "expansion" team to use the same name that another already has.

If 'Renegades' left such a bad taste in Ottawa's collective mouth, then use a NEW name. Anyone old enough to remember the glory days of the Rough Riders is probably pushing 60 ... it's not necessary to use Rough Riders to bring fans back. Most people can look past the nickname. I'd say it's more important to bring back the old logo, anyway. btw, "Red Riders" makes me think of a band, and "Black Riders" makes me think of Lord of the Rings, not to mention potential racial implications ...

Football to be back in Ottawa in 09? Maybe 2109, when most of us will be six feet under...

sambo42, you are going way out on a limb
by saying that most of us will be six feet under.:wink:

Speak for yourself. :smiley:

It's not a franchise fee it's the purchasing cost.

the team was bought out of bankruptcy by the league so in order for someone to gain ownership they must by the team.

If the team was owned by Palmer or w/e before and they were re-starting it then fine they already own it, but right now the league owns the team thus it needs to be bought, the league isn't going to hand the team over to any Joe off the street or would Ottawa fans prefer that?


Right On!

I'd wait until I see an Owner's signature on the paperwork!

Dave, your example doesn't work. Quebec City has no history with the name Alouettes, nor does Halifax with Argonauts.

Ottawa has a history with Rough Riders. You're not comparing the same thing.

Ottawa's history with the Rough Riders is exactly that-- history. If Ottawa does get a football team back, they should find another nickname for the team, if you dont want Renegades. Maybe name them after the policitians and call them the PromiseBreakers...