Return of Tim Cheatwood?

Our D-Line play has really been bugging me. The lack of pressure from the DE's is something this town is not used to seeing. I wonder what the harm would be in calling Cheat up and seeing how he's feeling. I know we cut him and so did MTL, but was it because of injuries or just lack of production? Anyways, anything is better than Keith#55.

So does anybody have any suggestions of guys we could bring in? Rahim Abdullah and Eric England are unsigned....

there aren't a whole lot of good D-lineman out there right now. I think we are just going to have to wait for NFL cuts till we see some pressure from this D-line. (barring a trade)

Honestly, what could it hurt? the worst thing that happens is he comes in here and he's a good mentor.

8) Unfortuately Tim Cheatwood's best playing days are behind him now. He never seemed to be able to return to his old form after his major knee surgery.
 I believe that his last team was Edmonton and they released at the end of last season.

 I never did think that Keith was going to be the answer for us.  He only looked good in about 2 of the 5 or 6 games he played here last year.  NML problem is as previously stated, getting double teamed all the time because their is no other threat to worry about on this D Line !!! 

 We better hope that we can stay in the playoff race till at least Labour Day, because that is when the real quality D lineman from the NFL become available !!!

I don't know. Cheatwood really only had a couple good seasons. He wasn't ever an anchor for the d-line. His best seasons were with Montford when Joe was taking double and triple teams. I liked him but I don't think bringing him back would be of much benefit.

NML is not a superstar... or even an overall star. He IS a good player on a weak line. To expect him to provide all the energy and skill on the line is to expect waaaay too much from somebody who has a lot to contribute.

Tim is done.

Some new blood is needed. That's sad for the team because it means a further wait to get things settled.