Return of the Baltimore Stallions?

NO! you don't want to go to a 90,000 seat stadium in the states. Can you imagine the rent on the place???

I know the NYC MLS team had to pay 250K a game to play in giants stadium, and I can't imagine rent being much less in fedex feild

I do think the whole deal at Giants Stadium may be slightly different seeing as the Giants share the Stadium with the Jets so someone needs to show the $$ in order to be there.

But why would a CFL team in Baltimore need to pay so much? I highly doubt there is only one large stadium in Baltimore, the do have NCAA teams do they not?

-Byrd Stadium(size 50K) NCAA Terrapins home

-M&T Bank Stadium(size 70K) NFL Ravens home

-RFK stadium(in Washington)(size 50K) soon to be demolished but could be saved.

-Navy-Marine Corps Stadium(size 34K) used by NCAA Navy's home

-Fedexfield(in washington, size 90K) Home of the redskins

There are 5 options(two in washington) near or in Baltimore.
The two NCAA stadiums are likely the best.(Navy's being top)

This brings up a question that would affect almost any US expansion team.

How important do you consider the field dimensions for CFL teams?

It was helpful that old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore was designed to be multi-purpose and had an open end. It meant that the Stallions were able to just about fit a proper CFL field. (I think Baltimore was one of the few US teams that had a proper (or close to proper) CFL field).

Any big stadium built especially for American football is going to be a problem in that respect (e.g., M&T Bank, FedEx). College stadiums, particularly if they aren't too built-up could probably have some money poured into them to properly reconfigure them to Canadian football dimensions (provided that there is ample real estate around the venue).

There are some smaller NCAA stadiums (Towson University, Johns Hopkins University) in Baltimore that currently can hold about 10,000. One of these, or perhaps the Navy football stadium (which is in Annapolis, MD), might work.

You probably want to stay away from Washington if the team is to be considered a Baltimore franchise, since there is a bit of a rivalry there (at least from the Baltimore perspective). (Or just call the franchise 'Washington' or 'Maryland'.)

In any event, I'd be surprised if the CFL tried to go head-to-head against the NFL in the same city. I'd support a CFL team in Baltimore again (and I'm sure there are others), but the city and advertisers probably wouldn't be as eager to help as they were last time around.

And what is the relationship between the NFL and the CFL these days? I would expect it is better than it was when the CFL was trying to expand to the US. Does the NFL do anything to help support the CFL? (I would think the NFL views the CFL as a valuable minor league for talent development -- just so long as they the CFL doesn't try stepping on the NFL's toes.)

The rent of the building when sitting empty after a team leaves would be pretty cheap if no one else uses it.
In addition, the feild is wide enough and end zone seating can be removed pretty cheap to make room for a larger feild.
Remember US end zones only have to be 15 yards.

Hey wait a minute, Baltimores average attendance of 30 000 - 37 000 fans in a 68 000 seat stadium is not that bad.
Compare that to 25 000- 30 000 fans in Edmontons 65 000 seat stadium.
Torontos 23 000 fans in 65 000 seat rogers center.
If Baltimore used only the lower bowl, the ambiance would be just fine.
And they can host a grey cup.

Your Number Are A Little Generous There, Edmonton Useally Gets More Then 30 000, Toronto's Average Is Closer To 27 000 And The Skydome Only Holds About 55 000. But Again, Until We Find A Way Around The Labour Laws A US Team Would Have An Unfair Advantage, Plus With The Cap In Place Would The Team Have To Pay It's Players In Canadian Dollars To Make Sure That It's Not Going Over The Cap?

The Canadian dollar is almost equal to the US dollar

The Canadian is around 85% of the American , I wouldn't call that almost equal.

That's Almost Equal When Your In The Duty Free Buying $40 Worth Of Wine, But When Your Putting Together A $4 Million Football Team It Makes Quite A Difference.

doesnt baltimore alresdy have an NFL team? why would they get another football team in the CFL? doesnt make any sense.. :roll:

Nova this thread is simply saying that IF the team gets moved, "if"

That would make as much sense having two teams in one city... oh yeah New york.. or having an arena league team in the same city as a NFL team.. oh yeah most arena league cities.

If maryland has 5M+ people in an area of 150 KM by 400 KM (furthest 4 points of the state) add in an average income of 37+K US. it would seem to be a pretty good area to support a CFL team even with an NFL team, the city had CFL support and if they can modify rules so that they have to somehow abide by the import rule(same as canadian teams), deal with the cap why won't they survive?

The Schedual will need to be made so that Baltimore games after Labour Day are Pure Friday games, Then fans just need to figure out if they have the money(500$ for season tickets in the best section) compared to.. 900$ for 10 games at the ravens(not counting the 8K$ Personal seat liscence fee.

So it would seem the Stallions Re-born(if allowed by MTL) would be a pretty cheap ticket in comparison and thus should have a fair sized potential audience(say the 4M Maryland residents who don't have a chance of seeing more then 1 Ravens game a year)

for Stadiums that can conform to CFL standards that's harder, although any field that has a Track can(well it should because the Track should be the same size as the Eskimos Track) or any Field that was built for Soccer should fit a CFL field atleast with the Rounded Corners(like Calgary)

Since I live in the area, I think it would be great if the CFL came back to Baltimore. I'd certainly support the team (and I'm sure there are others). Still, I'd be a bit stunned if the CFL did actually try to put a team here again (or Washington, or directly in any NFL market, for the time being).

One of the places I suggested in my expansion thread was Harrisburg, PA -- the metro area population is over half a million and is very close to two other roughly half million metro areas populations (York and Lancaster). There really isn't a suitable venue in Harrisburg (although the City Island facility might be able to be expanded).

There is, however, Hersheypark Stadium outside of an amusement park (Hersheypark) in nearby Hershey, PA. (This is also the origin of Hershey chocolates.)

The field is a 'State-of-the-art Synthetic Grass System'. At 213' x 536' (71 x 178.7 yd.), the field is large enough to fit a proper 65 x 150 yd. CFL field (although a little snug on the sidelines -- 9' for each side if you fit the full 65 yd. CFL field width).

Seating capacity is nearly 17K (including the 1200 removable bleachers). Short term, I'm sure there could be additional bleacher seating. Long term, you'd want to renovate at least one half of the stadium -- extending it, adding a few luxury boxes, and an upper deck (while perhaps freeing up a little space for the sideline as well) to increase total capacity to roughly 30,000.

A team in Hershey might be more easily marketed to all of the nearby metro areas -- Harrisburg is 20 min. away, while Lancaster and York are both about 45 min. or less. Just a bit further away are large cities, Baltimore is just over 1.5 hours away, while Philadelphia is less than 2 hours away.

In the Baltimore area (at least at the schools I went to as a kid), a school field trip to Hersheypark is a common experience. I'm sure the same is true for Philadelphia. I think that the venue is at Hersheypark makes it easier to tap into the common experiences of former (and current) kids to identify with the location even more.

In fact, if games are played on a Saturday night, you could make a whole day/evening out of going to Hersheypark (the amusement park) followed by a CFL game at Hersheypark Stadium. The fact that most of the CFL season is in the summer would actually be an advantage.

Maybe call the team, the Hershey Barricade. :wink:

(Get it? .... Hershey Bar ... Hershey Barricade :roll: )


Boring tired old subject. Boring tired old thread. Why must we continue to talk about this week after week. Enjoy the CFL, otherwise known as the CANADIAN Football League for what it is. Support it's growth in it's own country. There is no way that you can ever level the playing field because of the labor issues so why continue the daydream?


oh there will be ways around that stupid labour law... there will be ways.

I do agree sticking in canada is good, just it is possible to get to a 10 team(a solid number) loop however Ottawa needs to maintain a team and Halifax needs to get the commonwealth games(a stadium).

then for 12(my ideal number) there needs to be two things:

  1. Two cities with CFL Stadiums
  2. one City east and one west of Lake Superior.

So that means in the east there are a few options, top option is Quebec City Followed by London(and surrounding cities)
in the west there is ___ and thus the problem. in a 12 team loop it almost might work to have a team in saskatoon(just considering the mass amount of Rider, winnipeg Games 1/3 of the season) or other options are Thunder bay(small), Victoria(alignment issues), ???

That's where the possibility of one american team in either Wisconsin or Washington DC comes from.
Victoria could try and Draw from Seattle(hopefully get a good ferry going) or .... ??

The problem is a 6th western team. an 11 team CFL is wierd(which is far off as the problem of finding 1 more Canadian Stadium to try for a 10 team league is 2 to 4 years off)

If the CFL had a few more teams then it would not be talked about so much.
People are wanting more competition in the CFL and without more teams the CFL will remain a league where 8 teams play, 6 teams make the play offs year after year.
As I said before many times, only in the CFL is it possible for a 3-15 team to play a 4-14 team in the Grey Cup.

Show me the math on that one! :roll: :roll:

re-BeerBarons wrote:
As I said before many times, only in the CFL is it possible for a 3-15 team to play a 4-14 team in the Grey Cup.---
this was a huge problem in the east division. but the advent of the cross over rule meant the east teams , Ottawa and toronto, esp had to get better :thup:

it is kinda possible..

if 4 teams dominate the league then the final Standings can be:
That's 6 + 4 = 10 losses.

So the bottom 4 teams need to split 8 losses in a 4 way tie for last.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for a 3-15 team to make the playoffs, it's nearly impossible for a 4-14 team to make the playoffs.

the two 3rd place teams need to play the 4th place teams in each division a combined 5 times(3 min for same division and 2 for the other division)
include the 2 games vs. the 3rd place team in the other division.
Each team would then split those games meaning each team gets 3.5 wins.(if you don't split you have more then 3 wins or aren't the 3rd place team)
That also needs that both of those games intra-Division are only 3 games and not 4(1/3 shot of being 4 games)

Now the other problem is that in order for those bottom teams to get into the playoffs they need to win 2 games each so their worst possible record is:
5-14-1 but that intales a 4 way Tie for the worst 4 teams.

5-14-1 vs. 5-14-1
again worst possible record scenario(unlikely very unlikely)