Return of the Baltimore Stallions?

With the arrival of the Ravens followed by the demolition of Memorial stadium, it seemed that CFL football was dead in the state of Maryland...until now.

Call the people at Ripley's cause believe it or not the Washington Redskins are rumoured to be eying a move back into the DC area. DC officials have offered to build the Skins a new home on the site of the soon to be torn down RFK Stadium. This would require the Skins to vacate their current home FedEx Field which is a whopping 10 years old! That would leave the 90,000 seat venue without a major tenant.

Now, keep in mind A LOT has to happen before this becomes a reality. But even THE IDEA of abandoning a quarter BILLION dollar facility that is barely a decade old is outrageous. (Hamilton take note, 77 years and counting)

Nevermind Miller Park in Milwaukee, how about an empty state of the art football facility, and a former site of a former CFL franchise Baltimore an hour away.

Why expand to the states again? This dead horse has been beaten too many times. Expand in Canada first, then MAYBE look at the states, but even then its a longshot because of the import rules.

and the labour laws........ Don't forget the number 1 reason!

Tune in again next week, when we have another thread about American Expansion and why its so wonderful! :roll: :roll: :roll:

but if we expand to the states then Jim Popp can be the general manager, president, scout, ticket vendor, coach, color commentator, and the play by play guy for hte radio station for that team.

For the lvoe of god he only has 3 jobs hes practically starving in the street!

Halifax, 2010-2011

No reason to expand to the states, but even if you chose to, you do not want to go to these giant stadiums, you want to find 20,000-30,000 seat stadiums in mid-size American markets.

Cities like Rochester, NY, Boise, ID, Akron, OH, and other cities in states that border/are driving distance from Canada.

One American city the CFL should consider (provided a staduim were built) would be Anchorage, AK, it will never recieve an NFL team and would fit nicely in the league IMO.

Overall no need for American cities (although I really like an Anchorage team and think it would be a major success), stick to Canadian cities.

Halifax absolutely needs a team.

I can gaurentee that the Baltimore fans would love to see the CFL back.
And the funny thing is that they would come to the CFL with a wad of cash.
Owning a team in Baltimore would be like jumping into a money pit.

says you! :wink:

Yup says me!
If I wanted to make a bussiness decision I would pick Baltimore over Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax, or any other proposed Canadian team.
Not because I am pro US, but because it would be a better investment on my money.
As said befor, I would much rather see more Canadian teams, but Baltimore is by far a better investment.

Can you give some reasons as to why having a team down there would be a be better than ones in Halifax or Quebec City?

You know that Anchorage idea doesnt sound that bad...

Well East Van, I gave several reason in other threads, but ok, here are some fair non biased reasons why Baltimore is a better bussiness decision than Halifax, Quebec, and even Ottawa.

  1. Baltimore had the league attendance the first year. (were second in the league the season after)
  2. Baltimore has a stadium already there and will be looking to make a deal with a new tenant. Where is a stadium in Halifax or Quebec?
  3. Baltimore still has a fan club many years later.
  4. Baltimore has corporate and media support that is familiar with the CFL.
  5. Baltimore is a larger Market
  6. Baltimore is a northern US city that understands Canadians
  7. and finally, Baltimore locals still follow CFL football.
    Here is the funny thing, when I was in Winnipeg for the Grey Cup I met more Baltimore fans than Ottawa fans.
    What does that tell you?
    So in closing, if I had the money to start up a team I would pick Baltimore hands down over Halifax , Ottawa, and Quebec.
    Halifax is to small, Quebec shows very little interest in the CFL and Ottawa is questionable.
    Its a business decision and business is business.
    Now can anyone deny my points?
    Look at this fan support
[url=] ... memint.jpg[/url]

Baltimore CFL fans rock! :thup:

Thats right, the Baltimore fans do Rock.
They were partying hard in Winnipeg.
The total Ottawa fans I found at this years Grey Cup were get this....2
Im serious, I saw only 2
Meanwhile the Baltimore fan club had their own float in the Grey Cup parade and were all over the city partying, I am sure the 2 Ottawa fans had a good time glow bowling and eating potato chips while they were in Winnipeg,lol

1 of them was prolly ... Solar

Hi Lawrence .... find out who stole your 'purse' yet?

I think the missing issue here is Baltimore did not have an NFL team so they did support the CFL but now with the Ravens they have double the attendance. This is a non-story for the CFL

No doubt ... but Baltimore still have an awesome group that cheers for the CFL

What was unique about Baltimore was that the love that they had for the CFL was and still is genuine.
If Baltimore lost their NFL team, the CFL would probably jump at putting a team in Baltimore once again.

The CFL will still jump at the chance to put a team in Baltimore, if Baltimore had a group of serious owners who came up to the CFL and put the amount of Money the CFL is asking from Ottawa down plus conformed to 1 or 2 rules(1:the team would need to have 25 Canadians in camp each year. 2: the team would need to have on it's roster each year 5 players Born or trained in state(easy to comply with) and atleast 14 Imports(non-americans))
those two rules put basicly the same rule restrictions as the Canadian teams. except in reverse(although it allows them to bring in players from anywhere but not many countries outside of the US and canada play football or atleast none to pro standards)

Owners would also need an agreement with a stadium, if this where done with a deal ensuring canadian teams can't lose money(need to prop up the new team) for atleast 10 years so that if it does die quickly it can be moved to Halifax or Ottawa with a season or two under it's belt good, it will be like Montreal getting a quality team and not needing to endure those first year expansion pains.

With Ottawa or Quebec a team in Baltimore makes the league perfectly balanced, it also allows the failure of either Ottawa or Baltimore to be a team in waiting for Quebec. it would work nicely and give over 1M$ to each current CFL team while preventing them for needing to pay for that teams(ottawa or Baltimore) screw ups(the 4M bond in case the team owner walks)
1M per team comes from the 5M franchise fee from each new team meaning 10M split between the 8 current teams(atleast 1M per team with up to an extra 500K going to lower revenue teams or teams who have good track records like Winnipeg/Regina)

I am sure that a deal could be worked out.
You can also look at it from a different perspective.
What if Ottawa returned and folded for a 3rd time. They could move to Baltimore.