Return of the 3 headed monster

I see Ford is back in the lineup,, and the return of the 3 headed monster...
We do NEED to THROW the ball some however !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and catch it !)

Well if KJ can run like he did in the past, it could be a 4 headed monster.

Maybe, just maybe there could be a package with a 2 back set. Cortez May experiment with some things as playoffs as are approaching

LMAO yeah and hell might freeze over too. :roll:

If you have new scheme ideas for the playoffs whatever you do don't show them now.

Much to most peoples surprise Messam has turned into a pretty good well rounded players. They may no go with a two back set but they have gone with Messam at TE and he has caught the ball and has become a solid blocker.

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Riders release International Running Back Will Ford. The Three Headed Monster is now 2!

Maybe Toston gets his shot to bring it back to 3... Time will tell.

The only thing that upsets me about this is that it became a straight release. The Riders likely had an opportunity to trade Ford to Hamilton. Instead they chose to 6 game him. And then when Allen started his back spasms, they took him off the 6 game and inserted him in the line up. He proved to be ineffective on Sunday, and now gets his release...

IMO, if they knew they were going to 6 game him, they could have shopped him to Hamilton and maybe got a pick.. Even if it was a later pick, something was better than nothing

Ford was all right at best. He needed big holes to do any damage and the O line has not done that in a while. Hamilton picked up another Winnipeg cast off in Grisby. They might regret that. Not sure if they could have traded him to Hamilton(Ford) or even back to Winnipeg but not likely as Winnipeg is done for the year and Hamilton is just probably renting Grisby. Austin is not a run fan period and I think if he felt he could get away with no running back he would probably try it so again not much market there. BC might have been a long shot with Harris being out but not too likly either.

was gonna comment,, then just scratched my head a couple time
we are quite the mess the last 2 months , from top to arse

Nah we got the rest of the teams right where we want them :wink:

Well maybe the 3 headed monster can return, but instead of Ford, it can include Toston.

I just hope Allen gets his back spasms figured out. The run game desperately needed him against the Eskimos. I can't believe I ever would have said it based on the previous 15 games, but the team was one dimensional with pass last Sunday. I think Kerry Joseph had 36 pass attempts...

When was the last time this team hit over 30 pass attempts in a game this season???

As I said in another post we just can't seem to get a good balance. Until we do I see issues with the offense continuing .

Will ford.

Make me an offer Will Ford? pretend you are a GM and I am Taman................make me an offer I can't refuse for Ford.

I would maybe be trading a PR player at best...........but probably nothing. The only GM's looking to get another RB right now are those that are dealing with depth issues, aka Kent Austin. He got Grigsby for nothing and I am sure he wasn't going to trade anything for Ford........I wouldn't. Nice enough runner when he is given space but he can't block and that is likely because he does not read and understand what is coming at him, what his block should be????

Enough about Ford. He's a goner.

Notcie on our PR we have a import kicker punter and another import LB project? I didn't see signing announcements but every week I look at is different

I honestly think they had a window to Hamilton before Grigsby was released. Hamilton had injury woes and then a miracle happened with the release of Grigsby... Regardless, Ford is gone now and they got nothing for him. I honestly think he will get another look somewhere in CFL. Maybe a tryout in camp somewhere next season

yeah...tough sell to trade for more than maybe a late draft or a conditional that never get fulfilled, especially when with a team that generally only token runs anyways. Madu looks respectable as well.

As for the kickers and LB...they were talked about a while back. Cole is highly unlikely to see action this season, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Quinn Sharp one game if they have some ratio wiggle...ratio being the key as it means sitting someone else.