Return of injured players

It's a 3 QB league now.


Any word on In/Out privleges for EF and GC ? Organization needs to nail this down. Lets get serious here.

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Email forthcoming...

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Looks like he is out 4 to 6 weeks so likely it is a hip pointer or hip flexor issue though steinauer only said Lower body injury

Well for anybody who was talking about trading Masoli, we're so far on the other side of the fence now, we can't even see the fence.

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Now I am not a Dr but he did grab the upper back side of his right leg.

Evans also stated in an interview that this was the first time EVER that he has been injured in a game at any level. Never missed a game ever.

Injury report says oblique so if that info is right it has to be the external oblique above the hip area considering the area he was holding.

Only know it's calf related

Based on Simoni’s Instagram video Masoli, Posey and Addison are practicing full out. Running routes at full speed.


:sunglasses: Evans injury is indeed the oblique, and that comes from a very reliable

source !!!


Perhaps Addison is near ready to go. I just noticed a couple of things I hadn't, last week. in the team's injury report, from the one practice held in preparation for the trip to Ottawa -- Addison's injury had always been listed as "knee," but it changed to "illness."

Perhaps Masoli, though isn't. His injury has always been listed as "ribs," but "elbow" was also added.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Practice day
Player name Position Injury Mon Game status
Bralon Addison WR Illness DNP Out
Jeremiah Masoli QB Ribs, elbow Limited –

Precicely the type of information that an actual newspaper reporter could ferret out... sigh