Return of injured players

Does anyone know when Addison &Posey are scheduled to return to active duty for the Cats,,and is Masoli ok to start the next game,,

Coach said Masoli should be good for Friday. The rest is speculative.

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Addison and Posey have been on the 6-game list from the start of the year, so they would be eligible to come off after the next game. Whether they actually do get moved to the active roster (versus 1-game injured or back to the 6-game) is a separate question.


Even when we do get Addison and Posey back it will still take them a couple of weeks to get up to game speed. They haven't played any meaningful football in 2 years.

I believe that once an injured player that has finished sitting out the 6 games list, his 6 games worth of pay will not count on the cap.
With Addison, Posey and VanZeyl all finishing their 6 game listing after this next game, there should be alot of cap space to make some moves.

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Not Van Zeyl. He played against SSK in week 2, and was added to the 6-game prior to the MTL game. We have played 3 games since then, so if he serves his full sentence there are still 3 games left without him.


If my old memory serves me correctly, a player on the six game can return to practice after the fifth game without compromising the salary cap implications. He can’t play before sitting the sixth game of course.

If this is correct, we should hope to see Addison and/or Posey practicing in some capacity today. If we don’t I suspect that means one of: I’m wrong about the rules (very possible!), or they’re not close to ready and may be out a while longer.

I think there are options to bring someone off early

Addison and Posey should be good to go this week it is week 7 now

It doesn't matter which week it is. It's how many games the team has played and that would be five.

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There in sweats is better than sweats and crutches or nowhere to be seen.


Sweats also better than jeans, khakis or slacks.


So much for the conspiracy that Masoli's rib injury was fake.


"6 game" is a CFL roster designation, not a medical diagnosis. Player also has to be healed. Did we ever hear what Posey's injury is?

receivers DeVier Posey (calf) and Bralon Addison (knee) were placed on the six-game list.

The only time I've seen Posey's name, other than on the 6-game list, was on the injury report during week 1, where it showed he had a calf injury. I guess, because he was put on the 6-game list, it's not a requirement to continue to show his name and type of injury each week.

YOu can certainly bring a player back from the 6-game earlyu. Calgary did it on Saturday with BLM. The penalty for that, is that the player's salary during the games he missed still count against the cap.
With Posey, Addison, and CVZ on the 6-game, that's a LOT of cap space saved for the team.

Evans is out 4-6 weeks with a "Lower body injury"

I see Coach O learned from Coach Austin well.


Not worried. After 6 weeks we will have completed try outs and evaulations. Theres no rush.

Who had "the start of the David Watford era" in their 2021 pool ?

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