Return of Dominguez?

Schultz on TSN says there is a "strong possibility" that Matt Dominguez will be back to play on Saturday vs BC. I thought Dominguez was out for the season? Has anyone else heard this?

I read shultz's comentary on the tsn website also, but have not been able to find anything else. Keep your fingers crossed, as this would be the biggest news out of ridervile since the burris saga.

Dominguez likely won't be back until beginning of November - O'Day will likely be back, and possible Bailey - I think Davis is more likely to return next week as opposed to this week. Dominguez in? Definitely not.

I havent heard anything, but if dominguez was back that would be awesome!!! but probably not.

Sounds like a longshot but its fun to dream about!

Hah, The Tsn guys are idiots! They say stupid things, but hey, you never know i guess!

No chance of him coming back unless he wants to end his career for good. Say he does play, they'll be ramming his knee into the dirt all night knowing its condition. He'd lose his ability to walk ever again if he decided to play. Even by November is a long shot.

Why rush him back when we don't have a QB that can utilize his full talents. Dominquez is an excellent receiver that would excel in any football system however there is only so much you can do with the hitch pass.

Let's not rush his return and potential to reinjur himself until Sask has a QB that can get him the could be a few years though...first you have to get rid of Greene, but that won't happen until you get rid of Barratt, but that won't happen until you get rid of Shivers, but that won't happen until you get rid of the Rider President.

Can you imagine if you rolled back the clock a few months, shelled out a few extra thousand dollars and pronounced Burris #1...all this would not have happened. ...and yes I would then be looking forward to Dominguez return.

It was my impression that Matt had an ACL tear that needed surgical repair. If indeed he had a tendon transfer repair, it could be 9 to 12 months of rehab before he is ready to play on that hard, unforgiving Taylor Field surface. So check your local MD sources before you start believing the wishes of the press and diehard fans.

Dominguez wouldn't make a lick of a difference anyways - not the way some of the other players would be playing lately...