Return of Cheatwood

That's good news. He'll complement Belli well on the line and he's in good shape. I hope they throw him in on Fri in BC. Anxious to see his effect on the rest of the defence.

No passion for Tim Cheetwood here? Remarkably, he's playing tonight, I hope remarkably.

I think were gonna see good things from Cheatwood. I mean the guys is an amazing athlete and should hopefully help our defence. However I must say I dont think he will be as good as last year. Because last year he had Montford at the other side. This year he doesnt. And Montford was such a threat that he helped Cheatwood. But who knows maybe Cheatwood will be double blocked and free up somebody else on the line. He will definatly help us. I hope we see him against BC.

Cheatwood should do well against our pourous O-line. Could you ask him to be gentle on Dickenson when he makes the hit.

Hell NO! Dickenson dies! lolol.......I read that Ariano Belli is going to be gunning for his head. He said he would put Dickenson out or die trying. Just another load of brave talk really. Belli has done little to nothing. Hopefully Cheatwood will help him wrap the QB up. This team is full of alot of talk. I just laugh at it really, until they can actually walk the walk.

Great to see Tim back in the CFL, he will really help you guys get a pass rush going again. Who will be on the other End from Cheatwood, he is going to get a few sacks as teams will be doubling up Cheatwood. A good game for him to start in against BC as well, they give up a lot of sacks.