return game

57 yards in returns on 13 Argo punts. Ugly average. Needs a serious upgrade. Banks and/or McDuffie will help.

Swayze Waters crazy wind aided punts down to the goal line didn't help us. On both of those long punts the ball appeared to strike the orange pylon before going out of bounds. Why is that not a single? Would have given us much better field position into the wind.

If the ball hit the orange pylon then it's out at the one yard line.
Return game? go after Chris Williams, forget the animosity it wasn't about him it was between his agent and the CFL.
If they don't take him back another team will take him.

The game stats show 7 punt returns for HAM with an average return of 6 yds. TOR returned 5 HAM punts with an average return of 6.4 yds. I thought Koch, as a fill in for our injured returners, did a good job of catching some difficult punts.

I thought Swayze Waters did a great job of kicking for Toronto. Not only did he have great distance ( with & against the wind ) but his hangtime & placement was excellent. I can't recall a game where the kicking performance of one player had such a significant influence on the game. He literally held the Argos in it. Between Hamilton's mistakes at crucial times near the Toronto end zone and the kicking of Waters the score was a lot closer than it should have been. I think it is appropriate to give credit where credits due. Kudos to Swayze Waters.

I was watching Swayze during warm up and was blown away. He kicked a 54 yard field goal with the wind and the landed in the back of the endzone.

As for Metlock, he has lost alot since his time here before. I hope he can get it back because we need him.

I agree that Waters is an excellent kicker and he had a wonderful game yesterday. I couldn't find season stats (before yesterday's game, I couldn't find updated ones) are at:

[url=] ... 082601.pdf[/url]

Anyway, FG, Waters was 23 for 26, longest 46. Punting Avg. 48.1, Net Punting Average 37.1 Kickoffs Average 63.8 with opponents averaging returns of 22.9 to give a net of 40.9

FG, Medlock was 15 for 17, longest 52. Punting Avg. 41.8, Net Punting Average 36.0. Kickoffs Average 61.7 with opponents average returns of 21.0 to give a net of 40.7

Medlock may get better on punting, which he hadn't done for a while. But even as it is, our kicking game with Medlock is not that far off that of the Argos and Waters.

We miss Brandon Banks, Quincy and Lindsey Lamar back there for sure, Cary Koch just didn't have that break out speed, better as a receiver.

We need a healthy return team for sure, it makes a huge difference when a returner brings a ball back 30 or 40 yards instead of five?

I still would love to see the day if we ever had Banks and Lamar back to return kicks together, I think they would give an opposition team a nightmare trying to cover.

Interestingly, both Marcus Thigpen and Chris Williams are late NFL cuts..... Based on our injury situation... should we have any interest in bring one or both back?

Before his signing, Medlock had not punted fot the better part of three years. The missed FG was, I believe, another situation if a bad snap and an attempt at a good placement on the pad. It also looked like the laces were sideways. Don't forget, we were using our rookie long-snapper at that point...

You Cant be serious :lol:

Last home game vs. the stamps I watched Medlock calmy hit 61 yarder after 61 yarder in warmup, landing the ball in the back of the endzone.....yes he missed a 47 yarder in the second quarter in that game but he calmy hit a clutch 52 yarder in the 4th quarter! Yes he missed a 38 yarder yesterday but I can tell he doesn't have the best chemistry with his holder right now :? Medlock is 17/20 on the season, long of 52, Waters is 23/26 with a long of 51. Id say, they're equally good kickers, Waters wins in the punting department, but Medlock has never been known for his punting. Medlock has a slight edge in KO distance....

Swayze Waters is a punter first, kicker second as it shows. That was arguably the best placement punting performance in CFL history yesterday! Medlock is a Kicker first, punter second, as it shows. I would still take Medlock to kick a game winning FG for us in the Grey Cup, but that's just my biased opinion! :smiley:

Another team can`t take Williams we own his rights if he decides to return to the CFL based on the settlement when he left after the debacle with his contract.

Fully expect Banks and/or McDuffie to be back soon enough.

Koch did admirably with all things considered. They wanted safe hands fielding punts back there.

Don't think they expected a guy to have a 53 yard average for almost 700 yards in punting! Including 2 inside the 1 yard line.

Medlock got out kicked by Waters pure and simple. This was the only thing that kept Toronto in the game. I'd give my vote to Swayze Waters for ST POTW hands down on punting alone.

Ticats coverage teams were excellent but still took too many penalties.

With the way the wind was, I don't think the opportunity was there for a big return anyways. The Boomers with the wind of 60-80 yards don't allow a return to be set up. Nor do the 30-40 yards into the wind as they're too short.