return game

Me too. When the kicker is making tackles something is wrong. Barker is usually first man down field but if he's starting at Saftey on Sunday (and I hope he is) then others need to step up and make special team plays.

our returners are fine.

mcdaniel has over 1500 combined ST yards.

the big play has been shut down this year because teams are assigning more 1st team defenders to punt and kick coverage, for the specific reason of stopping the big play. This has been a league wide trend. Why in 2009? Because a rule was changed that eliminated the option to scrimmage from the 35 yrd line after a field goal. (i'm not sayin if it's a good or bad rule)

and if you look at the tackles Setta has made, it's been against some of the most threatening returners in the league.