return game

The only area of concern last game was the return game. Robinson showed nothing. I'd put McDaniel back.
Too bad we can't try Cobb returning kicks. I know he's a starter, but we've used Bruce back there...and how often do returners get injured anyways?

I'll give Robinson more time(jeez it was his 1st game and he did about as well as Mcdaniel has all year) especially since Mcdaniel is now a big part of the offense.

Our return game does nothing for us. Hasn't in a long time. No speed.

At least McDaniel got some yards sometimes. Robinson did nothing.
McDaniel didn't do badly when he ran north south as opposed to sideways or stopping.
Can we not find a good returner, every other team seems to. I'd love to see what Cobb could do. Maybe try Williams...he ran the ball well when filling in for Cobb.

I would cut Robinson a little slack just catching the ball in that wind was a feat in itself, give him a closer look

Ok, he caught the ball. But I don't think running is affected much by wind.

Holy smokes!

It's only one game with a new team, in a brand new league to boot.

Give the guy a chance.

And remember, there are 11 other guys out there who are supposed to block for him in a co-ordinated way.

Amen Jimmy boy. Our blocking on kick returns has been sub-par most of the season. IMO thats a bigger problem than the returners we’ve used

I honestly believe it's more of the blocking that's a problem than the return game.

McDaniel has looked better the last couple games. He has quit, dancing and slowing down when he approaches the wedge. He picks his lane and runs.

If you look at the Miami Dolphins yesterday, Ted Ginn Jr had identical returns on kickoffs. He found the seam and went to the house.

Sub par returns means a longer field. You go two and out and gives the other team field position. It's really that simple.


Obviously this is true but......
You can tell a guy when he is a good return guy even when the blocking is not there.
You get brought to the edge of your seat and let out an "OOOOOOHHHHHHH" when he gets tackled. Always one block from a big return.
The last guy that did that for me was Kahil "The Thrill" Hill.

For about 1.5 games.

I agree that the blocking is the issue. It's clearly a problem when we get called for a hold or an illegal block every time we get more than an 11 yard return.

Maybe we can swing a deal for Larry Taylor from the Als in the off-season. Not that this will happen I doubt but man he's good. Agree though that even he needs a certain amount of decent blocking to be effective.

One more vote for blocking being the problem.

Yes, I was sad to see him go.
Anyone know if he's still playing?
I don't need to hear posts about what an idiot he was either.

He was signed by BC late July last season and, I believe dressed for one game, before being released in mid Sept.

The first and most important job of the returner is to catch the ball. Anything after that is gravy. It would be nice if we could get more return yards but the return game does not bother me. What bothers me is our kickoff coverage or lack there of. Setta has saved our bacon many times this year with timely tackles. I realize that Nick kicks to spots on the field, usually between the numbers and the sideline. This can cause our guys to bunch up and lose their lanes sometimes. Here's hoping Coach Easley and the boys get the "teams" working again. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Maybe we should have given him another shot. After all Buono swallowed his pride and gave Printers another crack.
We could sure use a spark back there.

There wasn't any spark left. That's why he was cut by SSK and BC. No thanks.

activate Tyler Ebell #15