Return game still hurting

I know Dorsey took a lot of heat and the brunt of the blame but when will people start realizing that it isn't the returners that are hurting our team but the blocking up front? The last couple of games with Dorsey gone the return game hasn't improved one bit (OK Dorsey had the one bad game, it happens to every player). I hope like hell that Rider management opens their eyes and sees Daley is the main factor for our struggling special teams and sends him packing.

I agree, but Grice-Mullen I thought had a better game than Dorsey has had for a while. Particularly on that one punt return where (surprise, surprise) there was no where to go but he made something happen and got 16 yards I think it was.

The return game hasnt been the greatest for the past few seasons. I cant remember the last time we have had either a kick or punt for a touchdown. As much as I have never been a Daley fan, is it Daley, or are the Riders not giving the practise time to special teams?

Last return was Armstead in 07 wasnt it?

Armstead was very dangerous returning kicks last year but didn’t manage to break one. I’m convinced it’s the coaching, I think Grice-Mullen will be an upgrade just because he has the speed to succeed in spite of whatever lack of coaching/blocking is presented to him.

I think they're trying to cover the fact that Miller made a mistake in hiring Daly as their Special teams coach.

if Miller is indeed retiring after this season, I am sure that once the replacement is hired they will make some big time changes.

is it so odd to us fans that we all can see clear as day that there's no blocking support on Special teams yet our team itself cannot see this?

Am I the only one who doesn’t think Miller is going to retire?

Grice -Mullen seems to have a lot more burst than Dorsey once he has the ball. Actually I thought the return game was a big improvement over the Dorsey days. Having said that I still agree that Daley is the reason we do not have a significantly better return game and that Dorsey did not have a better experience as a Rider.

Nope, I'm expecting him to be back for at least another year.

Me three.

I think you’re going to love Grice-Mullen.
He had a bit of an uneven year last year as a receiver but he is a really good returner. Buono hated to lose him. He’ll be good I think.

I hope so. I don't think they really plan on incorporating him into the offense much, and I think his hands are suspect for a receiver, but he's got speed to burn and was a good returner for the Lions last year.

After watching the game with the Argos over and over, I particularly watched our punt return game and compared it to the Argos punt returns. The most outstanding differences were quite obvious. The Argos cover teams always beat are guys to our kick returner. Often 2 or even 3 double blues ahead of the green and white guys. Secondly there seemed to be a scheme set up by the Argos re blocking, whereas we seemed to have a helter/skelter plan of ad lib. Finally, a few Argos made some good solid blocks to give Owens an initial point to attack, whereas we rarely made a good block and in fact seemed to get in GriceMullens' way.
What bothers me most is that our HC refuses to do anything with Daley that is transparent to the average fan or media. Is Miller doing anything about Daley or not? If he has talked to Daley, why is it seemingly that nothing has changed? I don't expect Miller to fire Daley during the season, but is Miller aware of the problem, or is he just not taking action?

I agree that Daly seems to the problem with Special teams but I have noticed that Grice-Mullen got back there the last couple games the blocking has improved and I believe this is because he is able to make something out of nothing so the ST players can watch the film of the returns and see where they are missing blocks and this will start to help them figure out the positions they need to be in. Just my observation I hope Grice-Mullen breaks on this year to end the drought.

I too am much happier with Grice-Mullin than Dorsey. I know Daley and his schemes are a large part of the problem, but at least Grice-Mullin gets the jets going each return. Dorsey always looked tentative to me.

Return game? Teams have to know they need to ACTUALLY KICK THE DAMN BALL FIRST!!!

Great way to distract from our lousy return blocking...just give up the 1st down to the kicking team