return game???? running game????

Of all the players who played today , I still don't see any improvement in the return or running game. This is
the problem we had last year and the reason we lost the GC. We must improve in this area to get ahead. :thdn:

So you were not impressed by CJ Gable averaging over 6 yards a carry as a rookie last year and 12 TDs.....HMMMMM

You are right, I'm not!.. Sure CJ is a good blocker and can catch, but hes not a Sheets and Banks, Moore and Lemaar

are not a C Williams.

I want to see another Sheets and C williams on the team. We should be a threat on the ground as well as in the air.

Last time I looked Williams no longer plays here and as far as I know Sheets never played here.It was only the 1rst preseason game,relax the Cats will be fine in the running and return aspects of the game this season.

I hope you are right, but there is no one on this team right now who exites me then it comes to the return and running

I see your point about the running game although Gable played is as complete a RB there is in the league the running game had to be supplemented with the Lefevour wildcat package and a sneak attack Masoli package for a game after Montreal suth them down.
As for the return game Lamar got hurt early and had to wait for Banks to get placed on waivers from the NFL before the return game picked back up. SO i think they will be in great shape in the return game.

Now as far as the RB back position goes it looked like Austin was attempting to use a second change up back to supplement the running game with a small quick scatt back. That was also hlated by injuries to Lamar then Tavoy Moore not able to get onto the roster with Banks returning. two extra roster spots one national and one international could help with that.

So would most of the other teams.

Lamar is on the 6 game injured list with another concussion, not good for the return game.

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Tough break for Lamar again. He definitely has the ability to be a top player in the CFL. 6 game IR being but into effect here with Dile as well. Dile has also proven to be a very effective starting and utility OT.
Still for the return game Banks is a proven pro return specialist where Tavoy Moore still just in his second year also multi purpose hybrid has return potential both punting and Kick offs. McDuffie is more of a kick off returner so he would be limited and have to make the roster as a receiver as well.
Again punt returner will be the key here as the Cats have several players who can be effective returning kick offs.
There is competition all over the place in Hamilton. I would think with the extra roster spot for an international will make it a bit easier for Banks to be on the roster as a return specialist while still allowing for Tasker, Ellingson, Koch, and Grant to all be on the game day roster

Rewatched the East Final on TSN2 last night. Banks was certainly effective, as was Gable at breaking tackles and getting into open space.

With a few more pounds, hopefully he doesn't lose his speed and he is able to get free of tackles more. Even more important could be his blocking, and the weight could help there.

I hope Lamar is ok, but Banks should work.

CJ is the best RB in the league and who is C Williams oh yeah that moron guy who thought he was god

If Banks can pick up where he left off he will be well worth a DI spot to be a return specialist, although they would like him to contribute as a receiver as well it may not be needed.
Gable certainly is a great well rounded RB but Austin is of the modern game will he will use other players to supplement the running game. last year it was lefevour in the wildcat package. Both Lindsey Lamar, before injury, and then Tavoy Moore were used as a change up back. Using a 2 RB system to somelevelcan be very effective in all high levels of football CFL, NFL, NCAA, etc.
Having a massive amount of National talent on defense could allow for more flexible offensive roster. larent, Bulcke, Hazime all are proven talents on the Dline. Butler and Stephan are both proven starters and Plesius is looking to make that step. All or up and coming or in their prime

The Cat's used very few running plays in the preseason game vs. the Al's. also, Gable didn't play the whole game.

Gable is a work horse and I hope we can retain him after his 1+1 rookie contract is up. the guy has a huge career in front of him.

As for C. Williams, being the only Tiger-Cat that I can think of in the last 20 years to get booed by his home crowd, can stay where ever the hell he's wound up.

If there's one thing I never want to see in Black and Gold, it's show boats and poor work ethic.

Guys..... come on. VERY few of us had anything but kind and excited words for Chris Williams UNTIL the contract issue arose. He was forgiven the boneheaded early FG celebration almost immediately.

We don't need to re-write history to be upset at the way he left us.

It's nothing to do with his contract negotiations. I just don't want someone with that sort of attitude and lack of sportsmanship representing my city.

Guess you weren't around for the Maas, Printers, Chang, Calvillo etc.etc. years. Make no mistake about it, but I'm ashamed to say the Hamilton fans are probably the toughest fans (around the whole league) on their own players

Ok, ok... They got booed because they weren't winning. He's the only one I can think of that got booed for a bad attitude.

Adriano Belli, Craig Yeast...

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

lol, ok. so maybe we should have a "disgraced ti-cat's" thread. not that i think care taker would overly approve. maybe a "wall of shame" hahaha.