Retros from 1970's This year

I was talking to staff at Ticats Store

This year will be 1970's Retros
Hoping for 1972's Retos Here a Look at Them Below

Why didn't you ask to look at them? When I last went down, the girl there asked if we wanted to see them and she brought out Glenn's jersey. Just ask them, they'll show you.

So, what did what you were shown look like? Any difference from what they wore last season as 60’s retros?

Very, very similar to the 60s jerseys. The only difference that I could see was the gold colour, which was closer to yellow than the orange that they had on last season's 60s uniforms. Other than that, they seemed identical. The friend that I went with even commented to to the employee that they looked the same. What year they are supposed to be from, I don't know. But the pictures in the first post look to be about right.

Thanks for the response, Blogskee.
For the sake of sales and having something different, I expected that the 70's retros might be white, since there was really no change through the 1970's from what was depicted in those 60's retros. The only jersey change during the 70's was from '75 on when the long striped sleeves (not depicted in today's retros anyway) were abandoned for striped short sleeves and the outlined stitched on numbers (front, back, and arms/not shoulders) were replaced by one-colour silk screened numbers.

While the league remembers the '70's, the Riders are marking their centennial and REALLY going retro:

[url=] ... ro-jerseys[/url]

Hopefully we do the helmet properly this year, that was so pathetic last year.

I actually liked the Yellow helmet with the Black TC on it!

I meant the black one where it looked like they took a couple of car Decals and slapped them on last second lol.That was sad :slight_smile:

Retro's to me are kinda being overdone ...

I'll get excited when they bring back those old leather helmets then it'll be interesting

WOW ... just WOW .. I agree ..

IIRC that wasa ebcause thge helmet supplier was late and the yellow helemts never made for gameday.

I love the retros but was really disappointed by how they got the sleeve numbers wrong. Wrong place (should have been on side of shoulder, not on topof shoulder) and wrong colour (should have been opposite colour of numbers on frant and back).

I'm also really disappointed in my lack of typing ability.

Pictures of some team's (including Cats) 70's retros in this SASK fan's blog:

[url=] ... ivity.html[/url]

Not very exciting!

Nice find :thup:

Who cares about how exciting they are? They're for retro week, not exciting week. How accurate are they compared to the uniforms of the 70s? has the 70's jerseys available for purchase already, and has pic's of the 70's and 60's retro jerseys pretty much side by side.

[url=] ... bclass=HAM[/url]

I'm not sure about the narrower stripes on the 70's version - I think I prefer the 60's one better.

Does anyone know whether the numbers will be on the sleeves or on the shoulders this year? With the "REEBOK" positioned where it is, I would suspect shoulders although it could go either way.

The 70's jerseys are finally on the Tigertown website! No details on the numbering though - if they have the "proper" numbering on the sleeves, I'm getting me one!

Disco! Watergate! "Welcome Back Kotter" C.W. McCall's "Convoy"! "Saturday Night Fever!" "Grease!" And, oh yeah, ABBA's career launch.

The night will not be complete without "Muskrat Love!"

I'm getting my leisure suit out...

its hard to judge them before seeing them numbered.

i wish the ticats would use those 70's jerseys permanently ( depending on the numbering ).

i liked the eskies ones aswell.