Retro uniforms

Love the retro uniforms but hate that there are no names on the jerseys.
In future, add the names.

your right. i will start adding them for now on!

Future retro jerseys. I like it.

Dont get me starterd with these no name brand jerseys :x last week I was why is KJ back with the Riders,this week all game I was thinking Charles Roberts playing with the Stamps-HUH!Other then the #15 in the Esk's uni,I dont know who these guys are.Then to make matters worse,a friend of mine shows up during the first game and ask's why im watching college football (he doesnt watch the CFL and has no idea about these retro things)ERRRRRRRRRRR! then he's like,no it's Houston vs Pitt's....UGH!

I don't mind seeing the retro jerseys around the league, maybe one or two games, however not every [b]2nd week!!!! Enough already![b] Go back to the uniforms that help people know which teams are playing and who is playing. This is a marketing scam and that is it. Use the jerseys on Long weekend games and then go back to the regular jerseys. PS AS a Rider fan I say Edmonton looks the best while Montreal's Helmets are the UGLIEST among retro themes.

The retro uniforms do get tiring after awhile. Although they break up the monotony in the CFL where everybody faces everybody multiple times during the season. Each team should wear them once on the road and once at home and never against the same opponent like when the Als and Riders wore them for both meetings this season (of course the riders have worn four different helmets this year-the current, the 1989 20th anniversary celebration, the 60s throwback, and the 70s-early 80s throwback).

I like the retro look its nice to see the league display its history I wasnt around to see these uniforms so I enjoy loking at them and the Als helmets are awesome, love to see them use their retros as a third uniform and get rid of the current one

I liek the Lions and Ti-Cats. IF, big if, I can get my hands on a real game worn one after the season, I'll snap it up! I hate the cheap ones who's numbers/letters fall off in the heat.

Get rid of those GD uniforms!!!!!

Please either stick with the normal uniforms or put the names on the uniforms !
Once and a while a retro game is fun but this is get "old" pardon the pun.
The first Sunday game with Montreal in red/white and BC in black/white with a little orange was totally confusing!
How is the average fan ever going to know who is on the field, do we all have to sit in front of the TV with a list of numbers and names and look up after each play who was playing the ball? Come on CFL we are starting to loose interest!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn:

I understand the tribute intended by the use of the 'retro' jerseys, but puh-lease...we are not all anal concerning stats and player #'s. They didn't have names back then? Gimme a break. We can no longer enjoy the game as we once did, due to the increasing use of these classic uniforms. Moderation is the key here, I think. Special occasions, but hey, every game is getting excessive. And Montreal and BC? Both sporting these untagged jerseys is too much. Its enough to change my viewing habits, and watch more NFL.

Ummm, the commentators maybe?

"Geroy Simon with the catch!"
"Shea Emry with the tackle!"

I can agree that they are wearing the retro jerseys far too often, but to stay truly retro, it makes sense not to have names on the backs of jerseys. It adds to the feel of a retro game, in my opinion.

And we can probably stop complaining about the frequency of the games, because I think they're done with them this year ( Also, with the 1970s being revisited next year, there should be nameplates on the backs of retro jerseys.

Dunno about anywhere else, but in Hamilton whichever Cat makes the play, his picture and name is posted on the Tigervision and they say who made the play, etc. Saw ALOT of Jamall Johnson and Dave Stala on there on Labour Day :lol:

If they didn't put them on the unis back then (and they didn't until the 70s), then they ought not to do it now. The player numbers are the same, whether retro or not, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who's in them.

As for the amount of use, I agree, maybe labour day and the rematches ...that's it. We have now home, away, 3rds, home retro, and away retro. If they really wanted to, and I think they might, there will be other retro unis for other decades taking field soon. My favourite is the ca. 80s Blue Bombers.

I agree with the Al's helmets. I really like to see the older jerseys but, really, names would make it sooooo much better. Afterall, RONA logos weren't on the jerseys 30 - 40 years ago....why not add the names ????

IMO, they should add the names to the back of the Jerseys.
I don't know who #44 is on the Eskies, or #56 on the Bombers etc.
Retro is fine but we have made certain advancements to the game since the 60s and names on the jerseys are now nesscessary.
If no names on the jerseys because it's just not truly retro then, they should broadcast the games in high contrast, 4:3, black n' white, with two cameras and one commentator, close the webpage on retro weeks and maybe even eliminate the forward pass (Okay we'll keep the forward pass, but retro 1930s week . . . NO FORWARD PASS!)

This may be extreme but I think it serves a valid point.

When you think about it, the Unis are not really that retro at all if you are trying to stay true to form.

I agree that the lack of names is challenging. And on a recent post I pointed out the the only team that had names on their retro Unis was Toronto, which I disagreed with. (I guess that’s because T.O. is really special - the centre of the Universe from what I understand). That said I retract my previous position and figure if they want to go truly retro, they should be wearing helmets with a single - or maybe even - no bar on the face mask. :roll: (Like that would happen)

Do it right or don’t do it at all.

I noticed that Edmonton even had their cheerleaders in retro gear. Did any other team have their cheerleaders take part?

Most teams' cheerleaders dressed like 1960s cheerleaders; ours wore costumes based on 1960s fashions. Try clicking the link to see:

[url=] ... 594429.JPG[/url]

Imagine them dancing to 1960s music. It was like an Austin Powers movie. :smiley: