Retro Uniforms

The Retro uniforms of the Montreal Alouettes with the white and 2 red strips pants, the red jersey with the 3 white stripes and the white helmut with red lark stylized wings have got to be the best football uniform in both the C.F.L. and the N.F.L. today. I would hope the the Als' administration would make this uniform the regular team uniform from here-on-in. It certainly looks much better than the multi-coloured (too busy) uniform that the Als have been wearing for the past number of years. And I am a Ticat fan living in Calgary.

Montreal and Calgary are my choices so far. As far as the NFL jerseys; New York Jets, followed by the Philly Eagles, simply look good and why change it. :rockin:

The uniforms the Als wore today were sooooooooooo nice!!!

Someone NEEDS to make those their everyday uniforms.

I love the Alouettes, but their current uniforms are atrocious, especially the black one. :expressionless:.

I thought that helmet was really ugly... I guess it is a question of taste. As for the uniform... a bit too common isn't it ? :roll:

The helmets are not a true reproduction of the originals. In my opinion the original helmets look much better.
I like the uniforms but I would like to see the names across the backs. I had some trouble identifying players in yesterdars games.

That's absolutely right. The helmets are not an exact replica.

There are 2 differences. First, at the base where the wing is thickest, the original from 1960 to 1969 had a bit of a thicker base, and the 2 twin wings were a little closer to each other at the base.

Secondly, in the original design, the wings near the middle to the little ends did not have those jagged lines. They had clean but flowing lines.

In my opinion, the original 1960 design was far more appealing. That entire uniform that the Als had from 1960 to 1969 was by far the best Aloette uniform EVER !!!

If the Als keep playing like they did yesterday, I don't care if they wear pink jerseys with sequins. I do admit the 1960s-look uniforms were nice. Unfortunately, they brought back memories of the 1960s Als teams which, for the most part, blew chunks.

I like them 1 000 000 times better than the UGLY black jersey...

I would keep this one as the 3rd jersey for 1-2 games per year (if the CFL eventually stops the retro stuff)

I'm wondering now, when they play the Rough"Whiner" on August 21st at McGill, will they wear a white jersey with red stripes or the same red jersey with white stripes ?

Do they have a home & away retro jersey, because I've only seen the red retro jersey on sale.

I loved the retro uniforms and would be all for using them on a regular basis, provided we added name tags for all the players. That stylized bird on the helmet is just badass. :rockin:

I really don't see what the big fuss is with that red uniform, looks like the stampeders uniform. I still prefer the new red, white and blue uniforms with silver helmet and the cool logo.

I love the helmets, i liked the jersey, and like X says, it is way way better than the black jersey, make it our 3rd jersey :slight_smile:

[quote="habfan789"]That's absolutely right. The helmets are not an exact replica.

True, but they were so great to see in action again after far too many years without seeing them.

Brought back so many fond memories of Als in the 60's.

I would love to see the winged helmets made permanent and use the originals wings from the 60's helmet.


Can't wait to see them again when they play The Peg on Aug 15th at The Peg and especially at home for the re-match against the Riders on Aug 21st. :rockin: Please replace the nasty black uniforms with these retro ones as the third option..........and keep the retro helmet when in retro mode. :cowboy:

I too think the Als should go back to the red & white uniforms of the Georges Dixon, Don Clark era. But, they should get the helmet right: the one used this year has the wings far too small, it looks ridiculous! The original '60s helmets had much bigger wings with a nice soft curve going towards the tip. Too bad this post does not permit images...I have a few that would help illustrate the "real" retro helmets.

You can post a link to the image

Take a look now

After posting this link ( ) to images of the "real" Alouettes '60s helmets, and writing the team, I received this answer from the Alouettes:
"Thank you for your comment and looking at your pictures you are correct. The helmet logo was provided by the league. We will be more carefull in the futur.

Claude Rochon
Marketing et communications"

I can only hope that the Alouettes will dress in their best red & white uniforms, sporting a correct winged helmet, ALL of next season.
Don't forget: they have yet to lose in this uniform!

I really like the red uniform with wings on the helmet! Its better that the pepsi cola [ and the black ] uniforms. However, I am VERY FED UP with the retro stuff. It is a disadvantage when the players have no numbers on the back.

If you look closely, they do have numbers on the uniform. And it's no problem to add the names. It's just that retro or not, it's such a better uniform than that hodgepog of colors they use now. And what about that black? Where does that come from? Enough of the black. It has no relevance to the Alouettes.

What's with all this craze for the retro uniforms? They're boring. If they go that way all next season, they will have to wear white jerseys half the games and those will be tres boring. I love the Als' look as it is now...but you're right, drop the black stuff.