It would be nice IMHO if the als had a retro uni from either the 50s or the 60s instead of the black ones they sometimes use. I enjoyed the retro games with TO and WIN and it could be interesting also to have a retro game in MTL .

maybe with the history/retro thing the cfl has with the blue bombers and argos and the huge success the roughriders have with their retro uniforms maybe the als will follow suite. the black jerseys that the als, stamps and lions use are pretty silly. hopefully they will find a grave soon.

i am not familiar with the 50s, 60s alls jerseys. have you got any pics you could post?

I do not have any pics but I remember quite well these unis. The early 50s were an all red affair similar to the Blue Bombers all blue jerseys and helmets but with red pants if I am not mistaken. Later on (possibly around 57 or 58) a white stripe was added to the helmets and I believe white pants with a red stripe were substituted for the red ones. Around 1960 0r 1961 the helmet was changed to a white helmet with wings in red a la Philadelphia Eagles.

It would be nice if all the CFL teams would have a 50s or 60s retro option. For older guys like me, it brings back alot of memories. I'm sute TiCats fans would love to see the old outfits from their glory days in the 60s.

From a Rider fanss perspective, I was a big fan of the black jerseys when we had them (circa 2003-2005) but the retros really bring back that sense of pride. Im still torn which I like better but it is always nice when a team brings out another new jersey every 3 or 4 years. Hopefully you guys get a retro one just to switch it up.

Here's a picture of the 1958 uniform:

[url=] ... player.jpg[/url]

that retro uniform is pretty classic. it seems like every team had the same style of uni, (solid color with either 2 or 3 stripes on the sleeve). i would take a updated version of this jersey over those ugly black ones the als were as a 3rd jersey. i think montreal fans would love this look. plus the extra cash the team would make. look how much the riders have made from their retros compared to those horrendous black ones they had.

Yep, I agree. And It would be nice to see the red helmet shown on the picture and sometimes the white one with red wings on it since the same uniform was used during the 50s and the 60s with either helmet. The Sask retro gear is really neat and it brings back alot of memories. Now that the Argos have a 50s retro, it would be very nice for the Als and the TiCats to follow suit.

Just make sure we don't play the Stampeders with this uniform... :wink:

Great uniform & memories, Sam the Rifle to Prince Hal. Don Clark & George Dixon, Sandy Stephens, the list goes on. Bring back the red .

Good pun! It would be like the mud game in the film Leatherhead! The Stamps should also bring back the old unis maybe with the horseshoe helmet. Anyone here remembers the Blue Bombers helmets with the lightning bolts like the SD Chargers?