I like Winnipeg's uniform.

Did somebody tell Climie it was Batman night?
Why is he dressed as the Riddler?

When did they supposedly play in these uniforms? I remember Wpg’s but not Toronto’s. Unless Im confusing Wpg’s with Hamilton

They said their uni's are from the 50's. Toronto's are really terrible. I like retro uniforms, but those are really bad.

I turned on the wpgTO game and its a couple of high school teams, judging by the uniforms.

When did I enter the twilight zone??

Designed to show up as black or white on TV

Anyone else finding this zoomed in camera angle distracting?

Where are the refs' retro unis?

Funny you mention that, They showed the 1950 Grey Cup on ESPN Classics yesterday. Every shot was zoomend in.
I posted a clip from it in the thread head ref

Its more distracting one thing I like about football is watching the play develop. Its the reason I like watching hockey live better. You can see how things just happen and you get those moments where everyone but the players on the ice see exactly what is going to happen.

Is it just me or does Bethel Johnson seem to drop 3 out of every 4 passes that land in his hands?

Thats a lot of interceptions.


This just in- KJ to be cut by "the DON"

A little half time entertainment dedicated to the Argos.

The Don just looks stupified.

Bomba's joltin joe, just looks - well - wow.

I cant understand why that was a 15 yard no-yards penalty

I really love the bomber unis. I'd actually wear one of those.

It looks like they're playing as well as they look too!. Argos look embarrassed.

The one big problem I see is that KJ is not doing what he does best, moving the pocket, taking off and running if no receivers are open. If he is going to be successful, he has move the pocket and create more time for himself to throw, or to take off and run. He has not done that for past two games, and it is showing on the scoreboard in the last two games.

...welllll... we took the Argos apart.....taking out a little frustration for a frustrating out might have to start looking over your shoulder.... :wink: