Retro Milt Stegal

Milt’s only NFL td! love this old clip


From 2007? I get the feeling Milt is going to die looking exactly the same as he looks now, the man doesn't seem to age. I could only wish.


Love it. Good for the GOAT!

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hah i know right.

tbh, i’m a bit like that. i’m in my 50s but people i don’t know seem to always think i’m under 40. and i suspect the dudes who were cat calling me while i was walking home from store a few minutes ago likely think i’m younger than that (also, don’t be those guys!:rage:).

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Lucky you, I got my first few grey hairs at 18yo, can't get anymore because there's no brown left. As for the catcalling, something I've never done, at the risk of sounding snobbish, I was raised to higher standards than that. I wonder if any ladies have ever wolf whistled Milt? :grin:

i was all grey by 40 but i’ve been dyeing it since (usually black because that was my natural color), until this spring when i decided to grow it out because i want silver and purple hair. right now i got the half and half teenage Billie Eilish thing going, but i don’t like it much. it’s just a bob like my avatar and Marcie from peanuts (lol) but gayer because it’s shaved on sides around the back underneath. :grin:

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Man I've always wanted to be salt and pepper. My problem is as soon as it turns grey it seems to fall out.

Salt & pepper was a couple of decades ago. I've gone beyond grey into pure white, beard included. Still have most of my hair but getting pretty thin up on the crown. Maybe Milt wouldn't look so young if he showed us his hair. It would shock me as much as Matty's beard to see Milt turn up with a headful of grey hair next season.

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