Retro Jerseys

Anyone know when they will be unvailing the Retro line this year?

no clue, but i wish the ticats would use last years retro jerseys as their full-time home jerseys.

…fur is in this year…

Faux fur.

From which era will the retros be from this year?

The swinging 70's

70's, hello leisure suits! :smiley:

Anyone have anything of the sort still in their closet, basement, attic, mom's house, et cetera who will admit to it? [url=]http://doncherryjacketwatch.files.wordp ... 080528.jpg[/url] [url=] ... furley.jpg[/url]

JaMarcus Russell sporting the pimp look:

[url=] ... marcus.jpg[/url]

I'm 28 so no, sorry. Too young. :thup:

Apparently this is the last year of the retro jerseys. According to Jeff Bannon of the Bombers the league has no plans at this time to have anything for the 80s.

I'm looking forward to the Bombers 70s retro jerseys. Wish I could find my Poplawski jersey so I could wear it again.

Not a huge fan of 80's uniforms in the CFL, so no loss to me, and really for the majority of teams there wasn't huge changes most were small.

i’d like to see the 90’s ticats uni’s again.Dig the yellow pants with the fat black stripe.

the 70’s are somewhat the glory years. so thats pretty rad. the 80’s jersies in calgary were really cheap. and IMO the 80’s sucked in all sorts of ways. i loved the retro music they palyed during the reto game in Calgary… but im not sure i want to go to a game and hear wake me up before you go go between plays…

It’s interesting by contrast down here south of the border that the 1980s rocked for the NFL, even after two strikes to wipe out parts of two seasons, compared to the 1970’s unless perhaps one was a fan of the Steelers, Vikings, Raiders, Dolphins, or Cowboys.

The 1970s were mostly in the defencively-dominated “Dead Ball Era” before they changed the rules in 1978 in retrospect at long last. And college football came alive for the better in the late 1980s in large part too and now with this conference consolidation likely will end up bigger than ever.

And the 1980s rocked for most things anyway as the 1970s sucked overall too as did most of the 1990s and too much of The Aughts for that matter. :slight_smile:

i think too many former players got involved with football operations and ownership sort of thing with lack of education and knowledge of bussiness in the CFL in the 80's. The CFL wasnt too good on the CBC. lack of games. sometimes didnt start till labour day.

I must say, the NFL had the class of 1984... some great qb's from that era. real talent.

I thought college ball was always popular south of the border.

Yes that QB class of 1984 no doubt. And well "popular" is a relative term perhaps?

Wow I had no idea you did not even have the CFL on TV up there in the 1980s in some seasons until Labour Day? What? There should have been rioting and pillage in the streets! :x Was there? :stuck_out_tongue:

College football has always had regional popularity in the US especially for certain local rivalries, and it's the most popular in the American South no question though popular now just about everywhere including in most of the rest of my state of Pennsylvania but not very much for the Northeast and much of Metro Philly. And even these days in the Northeast too many guys are only watching due to having made bets as they remain overly focused on baseball. It's very hard to find anyone with whom to talk college ball around here for example just as was the case when I lived in Metro Washington DC.

However in Atlanta EVERYONE knew something about college football and it was more popular than the NFL. Heck I've found one guy here in Philly who can talk CFL ball locally already and that's more than I have found for college ball, but what do I care I am leaving in a few weeks!

In about the mid-1980s when the teams from Florida started passing more and using pro-sets like some of the Pac 10 teams had been doing, versus the dominantly used option and ball control offences since the roots of American and college football decades before the NFL, the game caught on more as it was just dreadfully boring otherwise.

Defences moved from common 5-2 and 5-3 sets to 4-3s and nickel packages, and more lucrative television contracts especially via ESPN caught on and the rest is history. The golden age of drop-back passing quarterbacks as we have now in the NFL is hardly an accident after this great transition in college offences.

Since the 1993 season or so there has not been a dominant ball control offence that I can recall in the college game, and good riddance I say, except for most of the teams of Nebraska, Ohio State, West Virginia, Penn State, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia Tech and some of the teams from Notre Dame and Texas A&M. Someone probably can add a few I missed.

My alma mater Notre Dame moved on to more pro-sets earlier last decade though still with poor overall results by our standards. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was lots of CFL on TV in the 80's all season long, there was CBC CTV TSN and the short run CFN (Canadian Football Network) there was more channels that showed CFL in the 80's then the 90's or 2000's

Bit of misinformation here. The CFL actually had 2 networks covering their games in the 1980's...CBC and CTV.

It wasn't until the 90's that the CBC began cutting back on their CFL coverage...saying there wasn't enough interest through the summer months. However, at that time, the CBC began selling the games to TSN who covered most of the games before Labout Day.

sorry about my misleading coments. back then, in the country there was no cable or satelight like we have now. so many of us has no access to the cfl until labour day. i should have been more clear.

Not correct. CTV showed games only up to the end of the 1986 season. TSN started in 1987. The Canadian Football Network (a league-owned network that placed games on conventional stations outside of CBC and CTV) showed games from 1987 through 1989 or possibly 1990. CBC was there all through the 1980s.