Retro Jerseys

I like what the CFL is attempting to do with the whole retro jerseys thing but the problem I have is, the fact that it appears if the CFL does it again next year (which is very likely) they will pick another decade to celebrate. What I'm getting at is, that means a whole new line of retro jerseys and I find that to be a little bit of a problem. Maybe i'm wrong in saying this but, I don't think alot of fans are going to continually buy the new retro jersey year after year. I'm might be making a big deal out of nothing but who knows?

I like it I can't wait for the 70's.

actually I cant' wait for the 80's too.

I miss the yellow Hamilton helmets and the older Argo colors and the old Winnipeg colors. Montreal's old Alouettes colors were cool too.

The Vancouver Canucks change their primary jerseys every two years and people seem tobuy those.....

Vancouver is full of consumer whores, they'll buy anything if its new/trendy.

I thought it was only two teams per year doing the retro thing. Wouldn’t that mean two more years of the 50s after this season?

Is there some pictures of all the teams retro jerseys? I've only seen the Stamps and Riders one's.

ive only seen the bombers, pretty simple jerseys, but not bad. i dont mind the idea of the retro jerseys but some teams are starting to have a million diff uniforms i think its getting pretty crazy

bomber uniforms
Gold Home Alternate
Blue/Yellow Retro
new white/blue/yellow retro
and there normal navy home uniform and white road uniform...

quite a list already, to me a uniform is an identity and they need to limit the different looks

They’re all for sale since the Calgary and Winnipeg jerseys were released on Monday. Although the Argo jersey hasn’t changed from last year…

Looking forward to seeing the Ticats in their retro jerseys, old logo and all. Familiar to me since they were still wearing essentially the same uniforms in the late 70s/early 80s when I started watching football.

Does anyone know if the Cats will be wearing the yellow helmets? I'm aware that is an extra expense, but it isn't really "retro" if they're in the black lids they didn't start wearing until '86. In fact, in '65, they didn't even have the logo on the helmet.

BOTH the Lions and the Eskimos' retro jerseys were awesome. The Esks' helmets were even better. Loved the traditional gold helmets with the modern double E logo. Back to a true "green & gold" look. They should consider using those as a permanent third jersey/helmet scheme

Agreed, the Eskies looked good... except for their play...

i like Edmonton's, however i did not like the lions' uni's

My buddy and I liked Edmonton's retro jersey, but we couldn't see much of a difference with B.C.'s. It looked like any other B.C. jersey.

I thought the jerseys were a bit drab. I didn't care for them. I did like the helmets though.....

I liked them both.

But the EE was the original version, not the current version.

They should also have only 1 bar on their facemasks :smiley:

Leather helmets! Leather helmets!

I realize the old-time jerseys didn't have the players' names on the back, but they didn't have RONA and SCOTIABANK logos on the front either. So since they aren't identical to the old ones, can't they just put the names on the back for those of us watching on TV, who don't have a program?

On the same note as Big Dave above,

I really like the retro jerzeys (8.5/10), my one dislike though is the fact that the players do not have names on their jerseys.

It's not because I need to know there name, but actually because the teams look like highschool jerseys, or the CFL and it's clubs look like they can't afford to finish fully making their uniforms.

that's all. They're great, and rejuvenating the history is a wonderful idea, but with that extra detail missing the teams look somewhat (forgive me) for lake of a better word, cheap, and unprofessional.

you'd think marketing exec's would be all over that? it's not citchy, or quaint, it really diminishes the professional appearance of the organization, players, and league as a whole.

Just an opinion from a supportive fan.

of the 4 teams that have played in their retro's so far id rank them as the following:

  1. Calgary
  2. Edmonton
  3. Toronto
  4. B.C.

Sorry, my bad. When I said "modern" I was speaking to the fact that the Esk's used golden helmets for years before the "double E" logo went on them.