Retro helmets!

I'd love to see these again, personally! I think they'd look awesome with the new logo!

If we were to go with a retro gold helmet for a third jersey, I would prefer the old tiger helmet decal on it. No use crapping on a symbol of when this franchise was dominant in Canadian football with the Tony The Tiger curse....

:D :D :D


I'm only kinda joking.

Seriously, as some merchandise is still being sold with the retro leaping tiger logo and the retro tiger decal featured, it would be cool to give that segment of merchandising sales a push with a throwback look for a third jersey helmet.

If the retro tiger were not to be used, I would like to see either the "TC" helmet look (1965 season) or simply a gold helmet with centre striping and no logo. There has been no "H" helmet since the 1950 merger. I'm stating this as a traditionalist here.

Ideally, a "Reeboked" black jersey with extra stripes on the sleeves would be great to accompany that helmet. A gold jersey like last year (perhaps a shade or two darker) would look nice as well.

I've posted pics of my Madden 2004 all-Ticat team here and elsewhere before. There are a number of older jersey styles the Cats used that I've adapted from time to time for my Ticat team. I will link to some of them if others would like to check those out.

Even though I am a traditionalist on this, I certainly agree that gold helmets as an alternative are better than the white ones last year, IMHO.

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Why not go back to the leather helmets?? No face guard just leather helmets, that's when men were men by darned!!!

Hamilton Tigers, 1906: now THAT was football! :smiley:

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The Cats should have always stayed with the gold helmets. When Dave Sauve mentioned last year they were changing uniforms to reflect the old look with a new twist, (paraphrasing of course) I was hoping they would go back to the gold helmet and pants. Just out of curiousity, has anyone ever checked to see what our record has been, over the years wearing the black pants? Pretty dismal if my recollection is any good. And just for interest sake, the last time we won the Grey Cup, they chose to wear the gold pants over the black. Just something to think about.

I voted for the white ones I thought they were pretty cool but only for a change. The Gold ones would be awesome too. If we could get the Argos and the Ticats to go with an updated retro like look for the labour day classic that would be cool to see.

I hated the White Helmets
Now Gold ones with Old or New Logo would be hot ...

Something circa 1965 or 1967 would be great! :smiley:

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