Retro Helmet

Looking to buy a retro helmet as i have a authentic game regular helmet and want one to add to my collection! Any ideas?

I recently purchased a 1973 University of Pittsburg Riddell RK suspension helmet with a grey faceguard. This helmet style and colour matches the early 1960's Tiger Cat helmet. I ordered the helmet with the white black and white center stripe. I purchased a set of the retro " TC" helmet decals from a guy out west in Alberta who sells team helmer decals on Ebay. Once I have the helmet the decals should show rather well at the games.

I purchased a retro helmet from the CFL auctions earlier last year. The helmet was worn by Devonte Bolden # 90 who played at DE and DT for most of the season. I also purchased a game hemet at the locker room sale and gave it to my grandson for Christmas. I guess you say I enjoy collecting Tiger Cat game helmets. There is a helmet store in Texas who specializes in any type of football helemt from the early leather types to the current Riddell Speed and Revolution models. Past Time Sports

Good luck with your search and I would appreciate if you could reply to this message if you are able to find any Tiger Cat retro merchandice.


What happens with old gear? Does it usually just end up at the dump?