Retro Gear?!

Wow! What a surprise! The A*gos and BlueBummers are gonna' be sporting these in select games...

[url=] ... retro-gear[/url]

Notice the attention to historic authenticity! Boring, logo-less helmets, shoulder crests that sport an awful A*go ship and weren't present in the 50's and, the biggest blunder, Nissan and Rona ads across the chest!

How rustic!

I may going out on a limb here, but I don't think Rona and Nissan were sponsoring football games in the 50's!

Blown opportunity in my books!

Rona and Nissan have paid good money to have their logos on the jeresys for EVERY game this year, they have to be on the jeresys contractually.

Yes what were they thinking, they should've asked Studebaker and Eaton's to sponsor a retro game!!

The retro jerseys are nasty. Altough I don't think Wpg can get any uglier that the plain gold with the W on the helmet with the high school all blue pants.

I like the third jerseys of the argos, cats and green riders. They have an old school feel with a modern look.

They are going to have retro week for the next 5 years. I am curious to see the cats retro jerseys. I hope they aren't the plain gold of the 50s/60s. I would like to see them bring back the 80s and the gold pants with the black stripe and the patch with the # of the player. Does anyone else remember that?

I know Rona and Nissan are sponors under contract, but putting their logos on their jerseys or infact any jersey looks like crap. Unfortunately the CFL does need the money so their obligated to do that. Its too bad they cant just keep their logo on the field, instead of on the jersey.