Retro Games lists ELEVEN RETRO GAMES for this season, including Hamilton home games on July 18th vs. WPG and Labour Day vs. TOR. The Cats are also scheduled to wear the old outfits for the return game in Toronto four days later. All eight teams will have a retro uni saluting the SIXTIES. For the Cats, best guess would be the multi-striped arms style introduced, I believe, in '65 when they wore the white version on top of plain gold pants in the Cup, as they did again in the '67 game. Unfortunately, if that's the choice, the full look won't be the same with today's very short sleeves.

[url=] ... he-sixties[/url]

Here's a complete schedule of this year's CFL Retro Games:

Week 3 - Thurs July 16 BC @ EDM 7:00 9:00 TSN
Week 3 - Fri July 17 TOR @ CGY 7:00 9:00 TSN
Week 3 - Sat July 18 MTL @ SSK 1:00 3:00 TSN/RDS
Week 3 - Sat July 18 WGP @ HAM 6:00 6:00 TSN
Week 6 - Fri Aug 7 SSK @ BC 7:30 10:30 TSN
Week 7 - Sat Aug 15 MTL @ WPG 7:00 8:00 TSN/RDS
Week 8 - Fri Aug 21 SSK @ MTL 7:30 7:30 TSN/RDS
Week 10 - Mon Sept 7 TOR @ HAM 4:00 4:00 TSN
Week 11 - Fri Sept 11 HAM @ TOR 7:00 7:00 TSN
Week 11 - Fri Sept 11 CGY @ EDM 8:00 10:00 TSN
Week 13 - Sat Sept 26 SSK @ EDM 4:00 6:00 TSN

It ought to be great!

Oski Wee Wee,

does someone have a picture to give a better example of the uniform from the 60’s? I would love to see it soon, and I cant wait to go to those games

Hamilton in the above pic is in white.

This is in colour. Garney Henley is pictured here.

Hamilton's home uniform worn by Angelo Mosca.

That will give you some idea of the 60s era jerseys.

Oski Wee Wee,

One more possibility would be the gold uniforms worn in the late 50s and early 60s (mainly at home)...

Here is Bernie Faloney in it:

(playing card)

Oski Wee Wee,

A pic of a gold helmet:

The helmet pictured is from the 80s -- the gold helmets of the 60s had grey facemasks instead of black.

The leaping tiger logo became a feature by 1967 (originally the helmet was simply a good field, by the early 60s the helmets had player numbers on them).

In 1967 -- the Canadian centennial year -- the Cats wore this logo on the gold helmet (without the wording):

I would love to see the old school numbers on the helmets in lieu of the tiger logo.

I am looking forward to this retro series!

Oski Wee Wee,

this is a cool thread! Love seeing those old shots.
It'd be cool if there were old collectors cards (..well, newly issued replicas or something), or something made available at these games.

Really cool way of connecting with the rich history....especially for those of us who weren't around to see it. Just makes the league and team seem that much cooler.

Or...I remember a number of years ago -- probably about '93 or '94, the Leafs came out with a calendar that featured old pictures with the current players photoshopped to look like they were actually in the shots (, you'd see Alyn MacCauley or Wendel Clark shown skating in a game with Syl Apps...) . Looked really cool. Be a neat collectors item and/or promo/giveaway at the gate.

Great Thread and love Idea of the Retro Games

so cool! can't wait to see our home retro uniforms during a game. I was jealous that the Peg and Argos got Retro games last season but we didn't :smiley: