Retro Game..... Paul Weiler (Pigskin Pete) for an encore?

I don't know what the Tiger-Cats have in mind for the Retro Game but this is more of just a friendly suggestion. If it isn't in the cards, that's ok too.

I just think it would be great to bring back Paul Weiler (assuming he's willing and able) to don the Pigskin Pete garb and get back on the sidelines for the game. Even if he shares the duty with the current Pigskin Pete. (who does a great job himself by the way)

What do you think? :slight_smile:


I think shared duties are a great idea. Be great to see Paul back in action, providing he'd be willing to do it.

Agreed Shared Job would be a great Idea.. Paul Weiler is a Legend in Steeltown

Wow!.....close call so far... 5 - 4 with "retro beer prices" pulling up as a close third. :twisted:

Beer option in the poll, now there's a retro idea... :roll:

They made a terrible mistake announcing the names of the refs at the beginning of the game. :twisted:

Since you were down there too who were you waiting for?

Ray Thomas?, Andy Petek? Boreham? All of the above?

Lots back then, help us out here.

I'm obviously missing some sort of inside "joke" or an attempt at one, but attempting to keep the thread on topic, I'd say it's a great idea. To me, Paul was a much more classy Pigskin Pete and he may be able to share some pointers with the new guy.

Paul wasn't the guy, Vince was.

To be honest I voted #2 but thats not really how I feel. I've seen Paul at several games including the last game. He appears to be very happy visiting when he can but the rigors of doing an entire game being too much is why he retired. If he'd like to go on the field and do a pregame cheer for old times sake that would be great but only if he wants to and only if the new guy goes on with him in a show of support

Just checked in to see the poll reults so far.

Thanks to all who voted.

I reiterate that if this can't be done and isn't in the cards, that's quite alright. This poll or idea wasn't meant to try to force something that wasn't planned for or anything. For all I know, maybe the team already thought of this.

It would be nice if it happened but if it doesn't, that's the way the ball bounces sometimes and maybe down the road sometime it will.

Go Cats !...... and kudos to all those who play the role of Pigskin Pete. (past and present)

I think it would be a good idea if Paul Weiler had actually been Pigskin Pete in the 60's, however correct me I don't think he started until the mid 70's.

8) The late Vince Wirtz was the Pigskin Pete prior to Paul Weiler.

It was actually Bill Wirtz before Paul....Tipper. :wink:

8) Yep, your right. Vince Wirtz was Bill's father, wasn't he. I believe Vince was the original Pigskin Pete, and then his son took over for him.
  There were actually two famous Bill Wirtz's, our own Bill in Hamilton and the late Bill Wirtz, former owner of the Chicago Blackhawks  !!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Still Paul is only one of 3 Previous Pigskins Still Alive I Believe
If Pigskin Pete II is still around I say Bring him out two have 3 Generations of Pigskin on the field

8) Pigskin Pete, number 2, would have been Bill Wirtz, and he is dead now !!!!

so then Right now we have 2 Generations of Pigskin Left.. why not if Paul would like have out for 1 Cheer.

Thanks once again everyone for your interest in the topic and for your votes.