Retro game entertainment

Great job on putting together a spectacular Retro game show! The uniforms were great to see again (well, for me anyway!) and the cheerleaders added a lot of shimmer and sparkle and fun to the night! The cheerleader half time show was another winner, just like last year's Thriller! We definately have the best dancers in the league! Keep it up Lesley, WE WANT MORE! Love to see the retired players on the field enjoying their moment in the spotlight one more time, thanks for giving this to both them and us.
An amazing win, a brilliant show, fantastic crowd, perfect weather, an overall great, great night. Thank you!

8) I'm putting in a request that the ladies wear those retro outfits for every game !! :wink:

Have to admit I don't honestly pay much attention to the Cheer team but last night they were all looking exceptional.

Honestly dint really like them.
Some of them looked great but I thought some looked horrible, I love the uniforms they have been in this year.

Some of Music was early Early 80's but it was okay

Our cheerleaders could come out dressed as nuns and still look great!!

I wonder if they’ll do a Retro 90’s week next season…that or a Retro 50’s week.

The league opened 'retro week' two years ago with 50s themed uniforms but it didn't include the entire league. I beleive Toronto and Winnipeg were two of the teams that went retro that year.

Last year they did the 60s and on one weekend all 8 teams wore retro uniforms. Certain teams went retro afterwards like the Cats and Argos home and home over Labour Day.

This year they did 70s but the only game that had both teams in retro gear was the Montreal Saskatchewan game.

The modern away uniforms worn by Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary really clashed with the era uniforms of the Eskimos, Cats and Leos. I wish they could have worn their classics all together like last year. Apparently next week Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary will go retro but I wonder if the away teams will come in retro too.

I know having home, away, alternate and retro uniforms must increase merchandise sales for the league but many of these 'classic' uniforms are really much more sharp than the modern kits. I really wish Hamilton would revert to its 70s or 80s uniform on a permanent basis.

I'd suspect they'd do the 80s next year. The 90s the year after and who knows what after that... The 40s might be interesting seen as BC didn't exist, and Hamilton was 2 teams. If we go back much further than that, we'd have to forgo numbers or matching uniforms.

Whoops, I should have said 80s. Either way, I think Retro week is a great idea and the CFL should have one Retro week every year (if only to keep up with those Retro ticket price promotions).

I went to the game :

Just as an aside. I live in Toronto now and I still think that going to a ticats game provides the best value for your dollar .
I had a ticket in section 5 about 5 rows up with a good view of the big screen and great view of the game . The tickets were regular like $45 and my friend got them for $22 through some Scotiabank deal . So for $22 those 2.5 hours of entertainment was well worth it . it is fun to see alot of die hard fans and the emotion and beer flowing and testosterone boiling too . I still think not enouh people outside of the Hammer know what a great experience a ticat game can be

The retro game was fun and entertaining ....

I think the Ticats management should give it more free tickets to people just to get them to a game to esperince it . I think they should target the younger crowd like they did wen Bob Young first had the team where Mcmaster was afiliated and they had the MAC cheerleaders and also alot of events before the game and younger bands too .

Anyway back to the game : )

I still see the team making countless errors especially Jamal and Otis with their late hits and illegal horsecoallr and facemask tackles I love the edge these guys play with but you can lay a beating on them cleanly and trash talk too and push them around and intimidate without getting a penalty .

I still think they don't have a running game but I think Cobb has made some progress so there is hope.

I am a little concerned about their receiveing corp beyond Bruce as MANN has not stepped up as that 2knd threat and maybe teams will put their best cover guy on Bruce with help frm the safety to stop us in the future.

A caller on 900 CHML mentioned that this teams defensiev backfield is not a playoff caliber unit . i tend to agree ....Shivers is basically on thin ice but had a decent game and Bradley tends to play off the guys about a few yards too much . I think he tries to establish is hard hits to remind them that one is coming hard next time but he seems to playing off them a bit too much and if I am noticing then I asure the opponents are .
There is really no big cover guy on this team but Dennis and Tisdale seem to have been beaten the least . I have been begging the cats to get BARKER in there but he has not impressed this far and the one touchdown pass to Bowman was not a good play by Dylan as he essentially tired to tackle him hard after the catch hoping to jar the ball lose and I think he should have instead tried to block the pass . Heyward has looked good .

I also think we should trade BAUMANN to SASK as he from there and we could get a decent player for him since he'd be the big home town boy etc

I still think our big 3 linebackers are not coming up with the big plays they had last year ..I think Marshall is not blitzing
them enough maybe ?

I think Glenn is a good quaterback but not great in that he cannot run well and his arm is not very strong . His senses and
experience are good though and that makes him above average. I can't imagine how good Glenn could be if he has a strongh arm , some height and footspeed . Porter has all these 3 so hopefully Porter can develop .

The DLine has been good and one thing I notice is that most of them can run well when the QB scampers ....Hickman caught Jiles on a one on one . Kirk is a good run stopper but he cannot run
I still think this team has taken a step backwards from last year in execution , game plan , discipline, stupid penalties ,
defensive back coverage , kicking game.

The new Punter looks like a good one ..thank goodness AND I think SANDRO has the monkey off his back now .

I agree with this. But there is a very vocal minority amongst the fans here who want to keep it quiet and entertaining for them. These folks did nothing but get on this very board and complain about the music type and its volume.

just a thought on that comment about Dylan Barker what defence allows your saftey to cover the best reciever of the other team obviously it is a mismatch or a mistake on coverage assignments. There is only a few pro football safeties that can actually cover recievers even in the NFL

We won't get anything decent for Bauman, a late round draft pick at best. But i'd take it in a heartbeat.

not even sure if you'd get that from sask, they are loaded with Canadian receivers.

Yea that too, you'd have to trade him to Winnipeg or Toronto, even then it will be tough to get anything.

Emmidiately have yourself checked for a pulse!