Retro Fan Vote - 60's MOP - Wow!?!?!

Fans voted the finalists as Russ Jackson and Kenny Ploen.

During the 60's:

Ploen was chosen as the Bombers' MOP twice and neither time was named MOP of the West.
Jackson was chosen the Rough Riders' MOP 5 times, was MOP of the East 3 times and each of those 3 times was also won the Schenley Award as the league's MOP.

Ploen was a Western All-Star once and was also named All-Canadian that one year.
Jackson was an Easter All-Star 6 times and All-Canadian 3 times.

Pleon led the Bombers into 3 Grey Cups and won 2.
Jackson led the Rough Riders into 4 Grey Cups and won 3.

And, the fans chose as the winner ......

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I think the fact that Ottawa has no CFL team hurt Russ' chances.

I do recall (barely) that Ploen was a GREAT player, and I always, ALWAYS hated Jackson (being a Cat fan), but I think if the voting were done more "scientifically" then RJ would have won - as I recall, TSN named him the greatest player in CFL history, he only played during the 60's, and it seems to me that makes him the greatest player of the 60's.