If they play like that, especially the D, then keep the uniform just the way it is and wear at home for the rest of the year! The D played like a 60's Hamilton D. Matter of fact get matching whites for the road.

I was disappointed not seeing the yellow helmets and not seiing the black numbers trimmed in gold on the side of the shoulder instaed of the yellow numbers on the top f the shoulders.

Those unis were definatel 80's aside from the logo.

I think I heard that they will wear the retro look more than once this year so I look forward to seeing the late yellow helmets.

Well, when was the Retro Week and series of games announced? had a thread on this on October 17th LAST year.

It was announced on the website on April 8th of this year.

The team had MONTHS to prepare for this.

The Lions, Esks, Bombers, Argos, and Als clearly had new lids for their players. The Stamps clearly didn't have to do much re their helmet re retro and the Riders may have gone the decal-stripping route to put the main team logo on their current helmets for this as they already have a distinct "S" logo 1960s-style colour scheme on their third-jersey helmets used for the last several years.

I am sure the teams that got the helmets for these games this year took the time to work with the players to get the pad moldings/inflation right in these helmets. It's a cop-out when over half the league can make the investment into this venture to plead time issues in the Cats case. This was budgetary, c'est clair.*

  • Apparently not. As pointed out by kellic, this is a supply issue.

Oski Wee Wee,

Okay. I have regathered my hounds. ROTFLMFAO.

Was that announced at all during the CHML broadcast?

I am glad if this is the case. There are two more games with a retro theme this year, so better late than never. I will not froth now. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

The pants were the only thing that bugged a bit other wise it looked like it was us vs the Pittsburgh steelers! :wink:

Well, the stripe-less pants fit the era -- they didn't have a stripe on the pants until the late seventies at the earliest if memory serves.

Oski Wee Wee,

I totally agree...the uniform the Cat's wore were not 1960's era colours. To be in the 65 uniform would have been awesome. I was really looking forward to that plus the music from the mid sixties. I think the Cat managment let the whole country down re: the 65 grey cup outfit. :cowboy:

i might get ripped for this, but who cares, I actually enjoyed the all-white look the team wore a few seasons ago with the white helmets, even though the lost, the all-white look was a decent look especially on a summer afternoon.

It peeves that the supplier couldn't get the order in on time. Regardless of the origin of that, the win soothes the otherwise irksome details. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, that is not my preferred road uni for the team, it has made the club look bigger while getting creamed on the road in recent years LOL...the Labour Day experiment was that and the helmets got auctioned for charity. That was fine IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) The jersey colours have been known for weeks here on this site and have been discussed since the jerseys first were displayed to the public at the TiCat BBQ !!!
 Eveeryone knew weeks ago that the colours were not the same as the 60's.

 As far as the music tonight, I thought it was mid 60's classic stuff  !!!!
I think the Cat managment let the whole country down re: the 65 grey cup outfit.
The only reason the country is feeling let down is that the Tiger-Cats are no longer the doormats of the league....their easy two (2) points every game is gone which means they have to actually work hard to beat us now ! :wink:

Big A Mosca and all the old time players honoured today were happy as could be today! I havent seen him that excited in a while. Not just because of it being retro day but because it was a great game and the hard nosed DEFENSE kept them in it

Its hilarious that people still find something to complain about... over .500.... won 2 in a row... there should be nothing on your mind but EXCITEMENT over some semblance of SUCCESS!!

And the fact that some picky fans seemed to take more of an issue with the retro uniforms than the players that actually wore them in the '60's is the biggest eye-roller of it all.

Theyre never going to be perfect and make everyone happy until they actual dig up some game worn 60s jerseys and make the players wear them... it already 'ruins' the authenticity when you see other teams with 'real' authentic throwback uniforms with big RONA and NISSAN badges on the chest... but who the heck cares. the football was great and those of us that were at the game had a great time!! I'll take stupid uniforms and a W any day of the week!

I agree I was disappointed with our Retro uni's in comparison to what the rest of the league wore. Sask was not much better.

But a win solves all woes....Just get the gold helmets ready for the next retro game and Im good.

Great Win Boys....

Who are you talking about?

The helmets were a joke. And not the funny kind.

The retro look was supposed to be 60's...not late 80's.

I was waiting for Wally Zatylny to make an appearance.

Once again....bush league Cats.


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this is what i call retro UNIs, the garbage that was used tonight was unprofessional, what kind of equipment manager can't take his time to put on decal stickers properly?

Nice retro: that pass from Kerrigan to Winfield for the TD was just awesome! (oops - wrong decade again)

Anyway, we'll take second place and leave the yellow helmets in the locker room.

The helmets were a joke. And not the funny kind.

The retro look was supposed to be 60’s…not late 80’s.

I was waiting for Wally Zatylny to make an appearance.

Once again…bush league Cats.


i feel your pain bro, but remember we’re dealing with the WAL-MART ticats, and they will never go the extra mile and spend the extra penny to make it right.

I wasn't a guest of the team tonight, either, and I do have enough distance to roll my eyes for a lot of people who were disappointed with what we saw in the retro department.

If the suppliers dropped the ball on this, that reflects badly on them. If it was the team, same. My opinion.

Picky? You betcha! Retro over wretched any day of the week. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,