I was so looking forward to the 'Cats looking like they did in the 60’s… tonight we looked like an under-funded high school team!

B.C. got it right. The Argos got it right. Montreal really got it right.

We come out in 80’s jerseys and black helmets! Nice! What a slap in the face to the 60’s players in attendance! The decals were correct but were crooked on every players helmet - they looked like they had been applied by a drunken equipment manager! You could still see the residue from the normal decals! Nice! Real professional, Ti-Cats!

To equip the players in yellow helmets would’ve required some planning and, maybe $15,000 CDN. Too rich for you Bob?

A marketing opportunity like this deserves attention to detail!

Tonight was a total, embarrassing DISGRACE!

Looks okay to me even though they all look like they are playing on the same team, looks like all Ti Cats on the field, decals on helmet are suppose to be offset like that :roll:

I agree they are not accurate. The only part of the Hamilton retro that look close is the sleeve.

Yeah, RiderFan, I know they're supposed to be offset! The T and the C are all one decal.

What I meant was - and I'll talk slower just for you - is that some are applied near the faceguard, some closer to the back. Some are near the earholes. Some are up closer to the crown of the helmets! Some angle forward, some angle to the rear!

The decals - black fonts with a white outline - are 60's accurate but are made for yellow helmets.... not black!


In fact, we look so bad, your Riders looked somewhat acceptable in their retro garbage today! But they didn't at 5:59pm EST!

Thanks for clearing that up and typing it in slow for me :roll: you must be at the game and online as I don't even notice what you are seeing and don't think its a big deal anyways, its retro day nothing is perfect much like the Ti Cats record this year :rockin:

Yes I agree it was a mess

UB, some will sluff it off as mere superficial nagging, but it reinforces a trend that irks me to no end. If you have the 1965 championship team in tow to be honoured at halftime, it would be nice to make the retro in "retro week" complete by having the team wear duds that evoke 1965. I got over the surprise of seeing the 1985 jerseys a couple of weeks ago. I really expected a gold helmet tonight. The other teams in the league at least tried to evoke the period.

Not Hamilton.

TC logo, check.

Stripes on the helmet...nope.

Grasp of the different between a "colour" and a "shade": non-existent.

Wait, correction: it was a cost-saver.

Helmets that looked urinal yellow would have been better. Not only that, but they could have been auctioned off as a real momento for folks as a charity raiser. As it is, you might get some colorblind folks who aren't attuned to the heritage of the club to pony up some coin for whatever those lids were.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Ticats never had black helmets until the 80's!!

I disagree. I think their uniforms were the best by far of all the teams. I don’t know how authentic they were but I don’t really care. I liked 'em. If you got nothing better to do than criticize their uniforms after a big win like that, you got problems.

I was really looking forward to see the retro helmets. If it was up to the team to get the reto look right they failed. Maybe the budget was busted a few years ago when they went for the white helmet look.

Not true. As far as my contributions, read my posts in the game thread. My criticisms were varied as well as my praise.

It's not criticizing the uniforms as much as the facade that it's retro. Really. Dumbing down historical appreciation may be a trend in society, but it shouldn't give cover to fudging in what is supposed to be a celebration of the 1960s CFL era.

"Hey Garney, wanna try on this Mean Machine lid?" That crass.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought the uniforms looked very much like the 60's. The black helmets didn't bother me at all, especially since we won! :lol:

Found a neat sight that logs the different football helmet logos over the years. "TC" logo was used in 1965, but the helmet was gold.

DH, my take:

Winning like the 60's teams with grit, overcoming adversity, and getting Old Civic rocking: done!

The helmets? LMAO Nice try.

The uniforms? Black, gold, and white...sure. The (non)numbering on the sleeves is different. The format is 1980s, not 1960s. I have no issue on how the unis looked in and of themselves. Trying to pass the helmet appearance as retro is a joke that I don't blame the equipment manager for.

Oski Wee Wee, to be precise. Even that yellow is off. Folks watching 1960s footage on TSN saw the real deal.

Oski Wee Wee,

The uni's look great. We could wear pink for all I car as long as we win.

Pink helmets would have meant some added expenditure, but I digress. Tonight's lids were a budgetary call.

Oski Wee Wee,

who cares the cats won and the old players looked like they had a good time. :rockin: :rockin:

For safety reasons, I'm not in favour of sticking new helmets on players in mid-season anyways. Today's helmets are very customized fits and takes a while to get enough air pumped into the right spots inside the padding to make a player comfortable and yet very safe. So if the Ticats did just take the leaping Tiger off, add the TC, that's ok with me if it means the players are safer with their own helmets they are used to.

I was at the game and was shocked to see the Black Helmets as well, however the reason why the Yellow Helmets weren't being used is because the supplier of the helmet didn't deliver them on time. I was speaking to a person in the know whose family works for the club.

The Yellow Shells will be arriving tomorrow lol.