Retro CFL Logo

I miss it. I wish they would get rid of the current one and adopt the retro logo. It looks much better and has some history behind it. Don’t understand why they ditched something that worked fine. But this is the way of the modern world isn’t it. Out with the old in favour of something more “modern” and “in touch with the new generation”. Blah, blah, blah, quack, quack.

You forgot to tell everyone to get off your lawn. ;D

Get off my lawn!

I agree. The current logo is really dull. But which retro logo do you want brought back? The CFL has gone through over a half dozen logos in the last sixty years.

I agree. I think it’s all part of a government “encouraged” make work program to create jobs for marketing consultants.


Still the best. BTW anyone remember when Shoppers Drug Mart sold a radio in the shape of a helmet with that classic logo? I had one, wish I had it now.

Probably should not have moved to the exploding football with the half maple leaf .

My thinking is they wanted to get the failed expansion out of their brand and decided to use the logo to express that but it really wasn’t necessary the helmet was perfect and clean logo . This logo was a step down from the helmet .

The football helmet logo. Clean. Simple. Instantly recognizable. And…full disclosure, that was the logo of the league during Ottawa’s glory years and the era in which I came of age.

Curiously, the CFL helmet logo is on the home page… Has been for a while.

It seems that Bensimon Byrne, a Toronto ad agency, has been the
go-to resource of the Toronto-based CFL, in its ongoing effort to
reboot its image and attract a younger group of fans/viewers.

Whether any of the Mad Men have ever attended a sparsely-attended
Argos game this season, I can’t say.

The CFL had a campaign 4 years ago called ‘What We’re Made Of’ and
the new logo was part of that, rolled out in time for the Grey Cup.

The Digital+Design aspect of the ad agency is called OneMethod,
and they’ve bragged about their work on the new CFL logo, which

"features a cropped image of a football, referencing the white
stripes that differentiate the CFL’s footballs from the NFL’s. The
logo was designed to work better on a variety of backdrops and
mediums. Digital visibility is of particular interest to the league,
demonstrated by its #WWMO (What We’re Made Of) social campaign."

On their website OneMethod claim the following improvements. How they
calculated this, I can’t say. OneMethod designed all 9 of the team websites.


So it was probably “we didn’t design the existing logo, so let’s get rid of it,
and who cares what the existing fans think”. Not a very impressive result,
but it’s probably true that the new logo is easier to put on a variety of platforms.

Related links below. It doesn’t seem like the CFL has much of an ‘influencer program’
because that (not a new logo) seems to be what is needed to attract younger fans.

Check out this job opening posted by the NFL for a person to manage its influencers.

A graphic designer weighs in, and polls the blog readers about the logo, and ad campaign:

A North Carolina outfit was enlisted to design and implement a social media strategy
and influencer campaign tobuild the NFL brand in Canada:

Agree with you Wobbly Gabler.

Tell ya all a war story. Some years ago, I was in charge of a small organization. We had hired this company to come up with a logo for a particular sector of our organization. So we had a meeting with them and they provided us with this weird, convoluted piece of modern art and then had to go on to explain to us, in detail, how this masterpiece conveyed the intent and purpose of the organization’s sector.

Short story: I unceremoniously and curtly cut them off. My response was blunt: if you have to explain his damn thing to the public, then you have failed to create a proper logo. Go back and give me something that works. Oddly enough, one of my staff came up with the perfect logo with a few hours of noodling around on a piece of paper and that poor bugger did not get a tenth of the money that our over-priced consultants got for their crap.

Fast-forward 15 years: I stand by my philosophy on logos: a logo should be instantly-recognizable to the public on what that outfit is about. And it should be clean and simple.

The CFL helmet logo satisfied all of this. It is obviously a football helmet. It contains a maple leaf. Ok, this logo is about Canadian football. The “CFL” zeroed it in on our league.

Alright, maybe I am an old crank that should be consigned to a home where I can wander around in my housecoat griping about the quality of the soup but I will always stand my ground on this issue of the ever-changing logos.

I agree. I liked that logo.

I agree. Design consultants are all too inclined to slavishly follow the latest fad created and pushed by other design gurus.


My only complaint about the helmet logo is that it is out of date with that single-bar face mask.
No one has worn that since Joe Theismann.

So, simply update the helmet with at least a modern QB face mask and go with that I say.

I prefer the flying football personally though.

I’m already on record that the current logo looks like they first ran out of colour ink (part of a red maple leaf), then black ink (part of a grey football), when printing it. ::slight_smile:

Just what we needed… another logo thread.

It’s a schematic facemask, its not suppose to represent any current facemask being used.

I agree. And simplicity is good.


What is a “schematic? face mask? :o

High Score!

Disagree, as this was and still is my favourite CFL logo. The League made a big mistake going with the generic “modern” POS we currently have.

The helmet logo was alright I guess, and at least was a good representation of the League I suppose.

Let’s say you’re determined to put the logo on the
surface of each playing field, on the turf itself.

Then you definitely want the new, simple logo. The
older ones are all too complicated, and therefore
need to occupy way more area/paint on the field.

On a related note, I’m waiting patiently for the
Alouettes to beam their new logo into the sky
or onto the side of a building, Bat Signal style.
The new CFL logo would also be amenable to this.

Places around the world, with Montreal as the only
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Montreal was the only Canadian city where people could
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one of the most recognizable images among all superhero iconography
and this is going to be a remarkable sight as we transcend borders,
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The full list of cities where people viewed the Bat-Signal were: Barcelona,
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