Retro boxing anyone?

my god. this was so brutal.

i remember this, my dad was watching - he was standing in the living room like a boxer throwing air punches and yelling at the TV lol

here is another one

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier (III) 1975-10-01 "Thrilla in Manila" - Bing video

"The famous Thrilla in Manila bout between bitter rivals Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier will live on forever as one of the most iconic fights in boxing history. The two had already gone to war twice, with this being the third fight of their sensational trilogy. Ali and Frazier had gone 14 gruelling rounds before Frazier’s trainer (Eddie Futch) called it a day, with Smokin’ Joe barely able to see and close to exhaustion. Frazier contested the decision, telling his trainer ‘I want him, boss’, but Futch was rightfully decisive in putting the safety of his fighter first. Unbeknown to the Frazier corner, during that exact time, Ali was instructing his cornermen to illegally cut his gloves as he was also in so much discomfort. Ali later told the press that ‘Frazier quit just before I did’, reiterating the brutality of the fight. Muhammad Ali would go on to say that it was the closest thing to death that he had ever experienced"

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i remember that too. unreal.

it may seem odd but have a weird fascination with retro boxing (pre-MMA stuff).

this was one was a war between two big punching dudes.

i didn’t see much of Ali because i was pretty young. my dad loved him.

I remember that... 3 rounds but wow was it intense or what

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