Wednesday, April 26, 2006 - 04:15PM


The B.C. Lions announced today that they have filed retirement papers for non-import offensive lineman Corey Mantyka.

Mantyka had been the Lions’ longest-serving current player on the roster entering the 2005 season and became only the fourth Lion to reach the 200 games-played plateau. He was a fixture along the B.C. offensive line since his second season in the CFL in 1994. Mantyka played in two Grey Cup games for the Lions including the last time the team captured the CFL championship in 2000.

Corey’s contributions to our organization both on and off the field are countless,� said B.C. general manager and head coach Wally Buono. “This is a mutually agreed upon process and we’ll finalize it at a later date,� he added.

“I treasure the time I’ve spent as a Lion and I step away with some very fond memories including two Grey Cup championships,� said Mantyka. “The lines of communication between Wally and me remain open.�

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wait a minute, now they say he is NOT retriring????????

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