Retractable seating for new stadium end zone ?

After viewing on line permanant retractable seating would it be more cost effective to have seats that could roll away for the new stadium in the end zone that does not have the party area facing the scoreboard for Ti cat games ( like Labor Day or play offs ) . Have a second set not permanant that rolls onto field portion for soccer games behind the goal net . It may save on future costs on the temporary seats for grey cup . You can actually get them as fancy as you like with backs and cup holders . The back of the roll out seating area can be future ti cat offices or game day restaurant and/or hall of fame . The ticat office,hall of fame and or restaurant would have ready permanant washroom facilities for grey cups ,playoffs , labor day and hopefully needed when ticket growth appears for all regular season games . The great thing is if they are not being used they are out of mind and gives a better bowl like experience . I don't know the cost versus permanant seats but they would look better than having permanant empty seats or empty concrete assembly area shown in photos . Plus the ti cats would control the seating keeping people more focused on getting seats between the goal lines and only allowing the roll outs when there is near sell outs.

I guess the Argos and MLSE liked this idea .

Hank: Great idea. :thup:

Having parallel stands with no end zone seats looks incomplete and creates a wind tunnel.