Retractable Roof will be cancelled due to $ 3 billion defic

The proposed Retractable Roof on BC Place could be cancelled due to $ 3 billion deficit faced by Liberals.

While this is sad in a way, especially for the Whitecaps, if that $ 365 million devoted to a Retractable Roof could be funneled towards improved hospitals and better healthcare for seniors, I feel this is a good thing.

Let Greg Kerfoot build his Stadium on the waterfront for the Whitecaps and mabey he can expand it for the Lions.

They could replace the dome with another one for another 20 years and that may save $ 300 million.

I just don't see how you justify such an expendiiture of money for a new Roof when the Provincial Government is facing a $ 3 billion deficit and laying off people right and left, shutting down ministries and crown corporations

I don't know how the Whitecaps are accepted, by the fans, in Vancouver... but if it is anything like how the fans have embraced Toronto FC, then when the Whitecaps join the MLS their stadium should be big enough for the Lions also.

The only problem, I see, is that traditionally soccer teams do not want to share a field with football because football tears up the field. Provided that they go with real grass as opposed to a artificial turf. I know that soccer players prefer a grass pitch over a artificial one any day.

Im not buying the 3B deficit , where did the Money go? we just had about 8 years of extreme growth in this Province with record surpluses and we have 1 bad year ( and it wasn't that bad ) and all of a sudden we have 3B in debt something doesn't fit , or we've been lied to all along.

Until its announced, I call BS.

we've been lied to all along.
You think this is only a posibility and not reality?

BC became a province in 1871. How many times in our glorious 138 year history has our Provincial Government actually told us the truth about our finances? I bet you could count it on 2 hands or less....

If they cancel the roof replacement, don't expect to see that money get funneled elsewhere. It's the same as the Olympics argument. That money wasn't coming here if the games weren't, so don't complain that we're diverting money from schools/hospitals to sports complexes. No projects were cancelled for the Olympics. In fact, many (if not all) of the buildings will only serve to benefit the schools/hospitals that we already have.

Well they just gave a press release . The Dome project has now been put on hold . It wasn't Gorden Cambell that started this thread was it?