Retractable roof on BC Place

So when the Retractable Roof is finally on, will it still be NOISY?

I'm way to lazy to look it up again but Bill Simmons who writes for ESPN had a very interesting article about teams in the last few years who built state of the art stadiums and how they did against the spread. I doubt that would be the case with the new roof but who knows mabye the sound won't carry as well.

well… so how did those Indoor teams do?

The Vikings may move. The Twins move out of the Metrodome in 2009 and into a new baseball stadium in Minneapolis in 2010. The Vikings could stay in the Metrodome after 2010 but they say they need a new Stadium also, and are threatening to move…

there was an effort for a Retractable Roof football stadium in Minneapolis; haven’t heard too much since…

Didn't touch on just indoor but all teams who got new state of the art stadiums weren't doing well against the spread at all. Since 1999 they are under 500 against the spread at home.

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Who cares aboiut the spread!

I'd rather be under cover than face the cockroaches and pidgeon poop that were frequent at old Empire Stadium.