Retractable Roof at B.C. Place Stadium

I've read recently that the retractable roof will not be able to close should the weather change suddenly. I can't believe the roof is going to cost close to half a billion dollars and not be able to do this. What other cities [Canada & U.S.] have retractable roofs and can these close during game time if necessary or is this the way retractable roofs work?

Could this type of roof not be installed because of the architecture of B.C. Place or was there some other reason?
Regardless, I still think we are going to be disappointed with the final product. From pics and videos I've seen the roof's opening will not be substantial. Aesthetically will likely be pleasing to the eye but functionally it will not give the stadium that "outdoor" atmosphere which I was hoping to see.

What's the big deal. You close it before the rain comes. That is what they do inToronto all the time. They don't wait for it to start pissing down rain before someone chimes an and suggest that "maybe it's time to close the roof".

No one is suggesting that they close the roof the moment it starts raining. That would be great if they could. Either you don't live in the Vancouver area or you don't understand how changeable the weather can be there. Many [MANY] times the forecast has been for rain the day before the event only to find the weather pattern has changed and it's clear or at the very most overcast skies. In the meantime the roof is closed and that's it. At that rate the roof will likely be closed most of the time. The idea is to maximize use of the "retractable roof during events. That's the "big deal"!

Hasn’t this been discussed in 3 different threads?

Three? That many eh? lol. Well Grims old boy, you don't need to contribute if you don't want to. Perhaps others who have not commented or may have additional thoughts since any previous discussions or can't be bothered doing a search on the subject would like to take the opportunity to chat some more about it. Hope you don't mind.

This topic has been discussed in few threads before... in any case.. i don't see what the big deal is.

Yes, the roof can't open or close while it's raining... big deal. They have said that it will only take about 20 minutes to close the roof. As unpredictable as our weather can be... when was the last time you saw a nice sunny day turn to rain in 20 minutes? It just doesn't happen. It would take time for the clouds to roll in or form. In that time the people at BC Place could look out the window and see the weather changing and close the roof before any rain hits. This is a non issue... although those against the current government and those against any money being spent on anything other than homelessness would have you believe otherwise.

Reply to Beaglehound:

Well have you ever sat in the Rogers Centre (Skydome) with the roof open... you still don't feel like you are sitting outside .. the only way to get that is an outdoor stadium. Beside the field will be open to the elements which is fine by me, as I was sitting on the lions side of Empire Field and sometimes the sun was pretty harsh. I would rather that I am in the shade... so this is the best of both worlds. :twisted:

Indianapolis, Houston, Dallas, and Arizona have one for starters. The decision to keep the roof open or close it must be made before a designated deadline hours before the game. Once the decision has been made by the home team there is no turning back. I see no problem here but for some fussy fans and screw them. :lol:

Thing is B.C. Place is not just for football and soccer. It's used for numerous other venues where the field is packed with displays and people wandering around. It's also used for rock groups and other entertainment venues. Too bad for those sitting in the middle of the field. But what the hey.....what's $500 million?

Exactly ! They are making something out of nothing. Middle of July, 5 day forecast...Roof open. Middle of October, sunny with Cloudy periods.... Roof closed. Pretty simple.

Next topic... Get rid of Chapdelaine......

im excited for BC to have the best of inside and outside worlds