The VoiceofReason is officially retiring from the forums. I have had fun. I hope people have not taken me too seriously. I actually wanted to take a year of being totally out of character and it lasted two. Even the name was meant to amuse and yes antangonize. Whether I return with a new persona, I haven't yet decided.

One parting note, regardless of our teams, our cities and our differences, we are all bound by a love of 3 down football. It's been fun, I will still drop by to read. Remember regardless of who you are, don't take me, you, or this forum too seriously. I quite possibly may be the oldest contributor but I refuse to grow up.

Have fun.

See you in 2 weeks :wink:

My earliest Grey Cup memory is 1957, Bibbles Bawel and all (I remember reciting the entire Ticats roster to my Grade 3 teacher). Yours?

Voice of reason is no dummy. He can see that the Riders are poised to dominate the league for the next half a decade or so and we all know how that just won't sit well with him. He's getting out while the getting is good. :lol:

Why, are they deciding the Grey Cup by online vote next year? :cowboy:

Retirement is a good gig Voice of Reason. I did it as Turkeybend and cleansed out the brain cells and other stuff from my system only to return as a rejeuvenated, anal gazing Riders fan and proud of it. That aside, the CFL game, the rivalries, the loyalties and of course the magnificent Grey Cup week is more than just a Canadian tradition. As has been said before, it helps bind our country together. We must carry on this tradition together.

Riders will Rule in 2013 :wink:
Take care!

Add backer@oldclarke to the retired list as well. Jumping ship to support Rider Nation with the oldclarke handle name doesn't fly. So thus out of the woodwork and to be honest I've come up with taylorfield.

I was wondering where you went.

That sounds like a nice idea. Being that Ottawa is now in, maybe a fresh start is in order.

isn't "Vintage" or "Retro" the new "IN" thing?!