Retiring players who have never played

It's a pretty interesting tactic, because retiring a player rather than releasing them prevents any other teams from signing them. I just wonder about other fans opinion on it. I see it as limiting a player's ability to play in the league.

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Three 2009 draft choices were retired – rush end Nickolas Morin-Soucy, fullback Benoit Boulanger and guard Matt Singer. By "retiring" the players, the Als retain their rights and prevent another team from claiming and signing them.
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Clement will be registered with the league as retired, allowing the Ticats to retain his rights for the duration of his contract - reportedly two years plus an option - without having to use one of the team's negotiation list spots.

Once a player signs a contract, then decides not to play, their ability to play elsewhere in the league SHOULD be severely limited. If another team wants these players, they'll have to trade for them.

I don't believe the CFL should allow players to get out of their contracts by retiring and then coming out of retirement, free to sign and play elsewhere. Just because Brett Favre can do it in the NFL, doesn't mean we should allow it here.