"Retiring" Draftees

Interesting note today in Drew Edwards "Morning Reading -- Montreal" of which I hope the Cats' Football Ops people are very aware! The article explains that to keep the rights to a cut draftee, returning to school, the player must be registered as "retired" from the CFL. The All-Wets did this with a couple of their players cut yesterday. The TC's DIDN'T DO IT a year ago with Mike Giffen!

The Cats did it this year with Chase Clement.

The player has to retire and file the paperwork with the league. The Cats just can tell a guy he's cut and retired.

Giffen, if I am not mistaken, was cut in camp, and went back to school. Since the Cats cut him, instead of him leaving on his own, he was essentially a free agent and once school was done or whatever, he signed with Montreal.

Sad teams have to go through this sham.
Fake retiring method of protecting draftees was almost unheard of . Of course it's a complete and total coincidence it happens now since Desjardins poached Giffin.
Don't dare criticize Desjardins however because he, poor guy, just never heard about the unofficial rule of not raiding another GMs prospects. :roll: